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Choosing to not Complete Maps on the Atlas

iorganic wrote:
hello everyone i love atlas and this post makes me happy

Sounds ight.
Had doubts about the new map system, this update removes said doubts. Looking forward to it!
Does this mean that we can fully unlock all maps in the atlas then once completed, we can then go back and lock the maps that aren't fun for the build we're playing at the time?
Hey Chris sort of a side question to maps:

Have you folks considered balancing a lot of the much weaker bosses to bring them closer to being in line with mid/high level challenge bosses?

There's a good chunk of map bosses that hold virtually no weight in completing a map, they just show up as another monster and often an easier one that you can kill incredibly fast with no fear of dying. It'd be nice to have all the map bosses feel like real boss fights.
Would have preferred it if we could enable/disable what maps are active at any given time but this at least solves the issue of permanently enabling something that you regret down the line.
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As a devoted hardcore POE player for 5 years, i really have enjoyed the journey.. I hope that using the treasure map device is a journey that takes time and investment to unlock and not a tactical strategy for min maxing exp and map drops. I hope everyone unlocks the entire map and explores this creation that GGG put a lot of hard work into. I am confident that this new treasure map thing will be a fun awesome adventure and i am really looking forward to it.. keep up the good work GGG
Can't wait!
When I kill a man he stays dead.
Nice one!

We'll have skill balances? Or it will remain unchangeable?
great responce to comunity effort adressing this. i personaly look forward to explore the atlas, and then maby later when i set a goal ill specialise it.. i think most players are in the same boat, so this is deffently good news.

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