Choosing to not Complete Maps on the Atlas

Historically, some maps have been better than others in different ways. Some have had more linear or more open layouts and some have had easier signature monsters or bosses that are safer to kill. A lot of work has gone into balancing this out so that maps are more comparable. In some cases, additional monsters have been added (hence increasing item drops including maps) to mitigate the additional time or challenge that certain maps entail.

You're never going to balance all the maps, and if you do it would be because you've made the maps feel so similar that there's functionally no difference.

Players want to optimize the grind, if a map is 1% less optimal (to say nothing of the current maps where some have routes that cut your xp/hour by half on a run and some have boss encounters that are easily harder than something 5 tiers above it) then people will not want to complete it.

I hated the mechanic in D2 where for a long time you had to make absolutely sure to NOT kill the biggest loot pinata in the cow level and now you seem to be introducing it as a core mechanic.

Also: Will scrubbing a map off your atlas also remove a completed challenge for it?
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Really nice ! It removes some of the obvious concerns people had. I think however that the cost of "locking" a map should be totally free. Some players like to often swap characters to do different things in a day and having to pay to respec the atlas all the time will be a big wall for them. Even a "low" cost like 1 scouring per map can quickly becomes an orb pit and remove all incentive to play the way they like.
Gating freedom behing this kind of artificial wall doesn't make the game harder but simply tedious imo.

I quickly suggested this on the latest newspost, but we should have a way of saving multiple "profiles" of atlas. The same way we do with our lootfilters for exemple. That way, we could save up atlas specific for each situations.

At the end, i think that atlas being account wide isn't a good idea on some cases. On one hand it would be horrible having to redo our completion for the drop bonus with every characters, but on the other hand we can't adapt our atlas for every type of builds, unless once again the atlas respec cost is free.
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I'm not sure I like three separate recipes to mitigate "ruining" one's Atlas, but damn if GGG hasn't proven again with their fanbase communication that they are the absolute best in the industry when it comes to this stuff. I don't always agree with Chris or Bex or whomever else, but their openness and willingness to at least consider feedback is unmatched. Cheers.
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Always awesome to see you guys take feedback (especially in this case, pretty extensive, if you read Karv and PT's write-up, legitimate) and react to it so quickly, and honestly. This is the kind of stuff that is going to keep me spending my hard-earned dollars on this game again and again and again. Keep it coming with the badass shit, and I'll keep coming back for more (and of course, more MTX)
Very nice, any word on which Zana league map mods will be in/out of rotation for 2.4?
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yazzlecat wrote:
Hmm... Disappointed with this "solution".

Gonna go into more detail than that, or just leave it with a pointless, smartass remark?
I think having a respec option that costs currency is a bad idea. Being able to toggle the maps youve completed on or off whenever you like seems like a much better option in my opinion. Of course toggling a map off (or in their case scouring/respecing out of it) will remove the bonus that map provides and also not having it drop from other maps. Toggling that map on makes it available in the map pool and also adds the quantity bonus. This means that you can go for 100% atlas completion while also maintaining a customizable atlas to you or your specific characters liking!
Nice, looking forward to seeing full patch notes. Think this is the best game going for updates and certainly communication to players, love it.
I like a lot of things about the Atlas. I think the quantity bonus for being a completionist is awesome.

However, I agree with most that being punished for being a completionist by having a larger yet much crappier overall map pool sucks.

Call me crazy, but I think the easy and elegant solution here is to just make it so that the only possible map drops are:
1. the same map which is being run.
2. maps which are directly connected to the same map on the atlas.
3. tier 1 maps (so that people can explore other branches of the atlas if desired).

This way, people can still explore the atlas as freely as they want while still being able to farm certain maps if they want to.

Side note idea: with the new quantity bonus, I think you can even remove the possibility of tier+2 map drops. Simply restrict it -1, 0, +1; the new quantity bonus will make it easier to progress to higher tiers and I feel like skipping a tier is kind of against the theme of the Atlas anyways. This would also have the side-effect of increased probability of dropping the same map being run, which is often what people want in many cases anyways.

Thnx and peace.
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