Choosing to not Complete Maps on the Atlas

darkmatch wrote:
Chris wrote:
We've been reading a lot of feedback about the Atlas and wanted to briefly address the concerns around players being able to choose which areas they unlock to influence what maps drop of a certain tier.

The ability for players to choose what maps they play is an important (and positive!) aspect of the Atlas system. Everyone has their own preferences for maps, and we want there to be some choices about whether to unlock everything or leave a few maps disabled in order to maximise your own goals.

Having said that, we wanted to address two important points that will hopefully mitigate concerns that players have.

Map Balance
Historically, some maps have been better than others in different ways. Some have had more linear or more open layouts and some have had easier signature monsters or bosses that are safer to kill. A lot of work has gone into balancing this out so that maps are more comparable. In some cases, additional monsters have been added (hence increasing item drops including maps) to mitigate the additional time or challenge that certain maps entail.

We will continue to work on improving this balance, even after release. Our goal is that the choice of whether to leave certain maps locked is a very debated one within the community and there's no clearly right answer.

Respeccing Decisions
We believe that the correct and dominant strategy will be for players to unlock all maps, but since players are afraid that they'll damage their account permanently if they unlock the wrong maps, we have decided to add a way to respec map completions on the Atlas. Three currency items (one for each colour of maps) will be available from vendor recipes for this purpose. They'll likely be measured in Cartographer's Sextants of the appropriate colours and won't be trivially cheap.

Thanks again for the feedback. We're really looking forward to seeing what you think next week when Atlas of Worlds and the Essence Challenge League launch!

Are you serious about that? You're adding 30 new tilesets and think it's positive that players might just ignore most of them, maybe even more than before?
I really hope the players will just unlock everything because otherwise this will be the worst design decision you have ever made.

Players shouldn't have to respec anything. Every area should be equally worth the time.
You actually want to give players the ability to just intentionally ignore tilesets even though you added 30 new ones.

I always thought diversity was the main goal of the expansion?

That is a rather narrowminded way to look at it if you ask me.
Personally, there are maps that I really dislike because of its tileset. If they are more worth doing now because of balance changes that is nice, but in the end I dont fancy the tileset and would rather see it not drop.
I think this is a great way for everyone to customise their own endgame mapping experience the way they see fit!
I always thought diversity was the main goal of the expansion?


like... maybe NOT limit Shapers Orbs??

i thought the whole point of that was so that we can play ALL the maps and not have them be a waste.. once you get playing red maps, ALL the white maps are totally pointless, but some are fun..


The dominant strategy is to unlock every t11 and lower map and unlock only the single best 11,12,13,14,15,16.

nice troll??
wouldnt that make it like, waaay more likely to drop lower maps?
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GGG : We revamped endgame content as you asked for it for a long time.
Players type 1 : Yay awesome
Players type 2 : Nice but ... I'd like to be able to change some stuff in it
Players type 3 : that's sh*t
Players type 4 : Whatever you do, I'll never be satisfied.

- one day later -

GGG : we will add a currency to allow players to change some stuff
Players type 1 : Yay awesome
Players type 2 : Yay awesome
Players type 3 : But... I can't say anymore it's sh*t but I'd like to !
Players type 4 : Whatever you do, I'll never be satisfied.

Congrats GGG for your awesome response to your player base once more. That's one reason you have the respect of so many players, another is the F2P model.
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Thanks, GGG. Now the Atlas of Worlds is just amazing. :)
Make lab optional! Give us another way to get the ascendancy points we need.

CaoMengde wrote:


The dominant strategy is to unlock every t11 and lower map and unlock only the single best 11,12,13,14,15,16.

nice troll??
wouldnt that make it like, waaay more likely to drop lower maps?

Not a troll, that's pretty much the optimal strategy. Depending on how the rebalancing worked out, you maybe want more than just a single map at each of the higher tiers (but likely not all of them).

And no, that wouldn't change the odds of dropping lower maps.
There will always be "best maps", period, but I for one appreciate the effort put into balancing the less desirable maps.
PoE 2077

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Thanks Chris!

Adding more monsters to maps with bad layouts and ajusting pack size and bosses on good layouts to make them more even is a great improvement to the game.

Players should experience and run every map in the game in my opinion. Many map layouts are so beautifully crafted that it is a shame if players only don't run those because of inefficiancy. Running more and more diverse map layouts make players to enjoy the game more and they don't get bored as quickly compared to chaining only Gorges and Plateaus.

I am looking foreward to the improvements made in the future.

I am also greatfull that you granted us a option to respec our Atlas at will, despite the improvements made - there will be a lot of strategy involved to build and change your personal Atlas; i really like that aspect of the game.

Keep it up, an thanks for listening to the concerns of your community!
Really big thanks for clarifying some of the concerns & for the ongoing development!

I noticed that most of the people who cry about changes are people who forget that this is a GAME, not a kind of competition for best build/most xp per h gained/quickest map run. And game should be FUN. It's on top of all of the other purposes of gaming. So - play a game & have fun - you don't like this game? Play another one. There's plenty of choices out there.

I really enjoy PoE since i joined 3 years ago - and never ever complained, because i was playing for all of these years just for fun - so it never dissapoints me.

Once again - good job GGG, keep it up!

GGG doesn't disappoint!
WTF is going on right now? So far EVERYTHING I've read about the new expansion seems just perfect. It's almost like there are new guys in charge now. lol
Having to wait for another week is a horrible torture.
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