Last week ZiggyD showcased the Guardian of the Hydra fight and teased one of the unique drops from this boss, the Slivertongue Unique Harbinger Bow. He's created a video to reveal Slivertongue in full detail, including some insights of its design from the development team!
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Welp, Drillneck is going to be really expensive.
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I don't think that this bow is too good,

not with drillneck, not with rigwald's quills, only with chain it will take more effect and chain is good for clear speed, not damage,

Maybe with a the deadeye's passive for chain + drillneck it will be ok, but not in the top power levels, for the first shoot will not get the 100% increased damage.

anyways, not a bad idea, but I will be suprised to see this at the at many players like the reach.
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I think that's fairly accurate. :')

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