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ZiggyD's Slivertongue Unique Reveal

In my opinion this is not a good bow. Fork, chain, pierce - things useful for clearing packs of monsters. Thing is that packs of monsters die quickly and easily anyway. What I would want is a boss killer which this bow isn't. I would prefer a higher damage bow instead of this one.
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Nice, can't wait to use this as a new skin transfer on the reach I will be using in Essence league...

Hi all, am i supposed to go wow what a bow, take my money pls i need it now? Did that with Reach and is getting nerfed cause is broken or OP, guy told me never invest in broken builds, how would i know that this build was broken? What builds are we supposed to play in this game? shit builds that need 20 hits to kill a white mob?
Why do you tubers like ziggyd come out and show us this great, powerfull double dipping poison, "my best so far", "i strongly reccoment it", "try it out", "atziri/uber lab killer".
Doesnt ziggyd know what a broken build is? if yes why he shows us these builds makes us invest in them and then GGG decides to nerf it cause is OP, let me ask you this, how many Op builds are out there? you gonna nerf all of them? you will nerf bladefall? COC? discharch?, whats the point playing this game that we love so much if GGG will nerf evrything? how will we deal with 5-6K damage from bosses if we cant play our builds anymore?
So thank you ziggyd for making me and i am sure a lot of players go out and buy Reach of the council and thank you GGG for nerfing my build.
Wanted to make a bladefall build, was really looking forward to it but not anymore dont have that excitement anymore cause i am scared that might get nerfed too.
Wondering when Silvertongue is getting nerfed, most propably next patch.
Call me when you're ready to reveal the new skill gems... if there is indeed any new ones.
Thanks ZiggyD it looks fantastic i cant wait
sirjohnde wrote:
try putting spark in to t

This bow only works with arrows, not projectile in general
I'd use it for the skin.
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SunL4D2 wrote:
Wow that phys damage and base crit. :o

Why anyone would want chain though? If LA + FW will stay as it is and everyone will just get 100% pierce chance?

"base crit"? You know that every harbinger bow has that, right? The fork crit is useless because anyone using fork is an idiot. Literally the only interesting mod is the chain-piercing, which literally is only relevant for deadeyes taking +1 chain. It could be usable for deadeye lightning arrow. But still not "good".
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Still playing bladefall miner.
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^what he said

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