ZiggyD's Slivertongue Unique Reveal

looks kind of weak actually. it will see use just because its a deterministic way to get a 300 dps crit harb bow.

but 100% crit chance at the cost of having to use fork ? that is going to be a no . i am going to no that one .

looks cool!
Personally, i would prefer to keep the Drill Neck. Especially if you can get +1 Arrow and lose it's base pierce chance.

It does +100% more damage if you have +100% pierce chance, like you do on Initial shot of Tornado, and after chaining.

I'm thinking of something like Tornado-Fork-LMP-Poison-Phyis Projectile-with Either Cull or Rapid Decay for 6th gem.

Last tier 16 boss Unique items shown: omg GGG these are so underpowered for a tier 16 end game boss!!

This tier 16 unique boss item shown: wtf GGG this is overpowered stop making broken unique's!!
Too OP time to nurf it already.
zhe gong hao dou

I think you should not look at it as you need to use all it has to offer, but as a bow which can be used in many ways.
Anther thought, I think a weapon is not good or bad based on the damage you can do with it, but rather the fun you can have with it. Imagine a wand which would kill everything instantly, would you use it? It would be effective, but deadly boring. I think it is an interesting bow, with many (hidden) possibilities, and that what makes a unique item unique. If you want a top tier weapon, you can always find a perfectly rolled rare, but what they lack is that extra touch which makes your build a little bit different.
So, any word on when that unique that damages nearby enemies based on charges being consumed or timing out will be announced?
Thats some smart design, love it!
Why is the arrow on the right side of the bow when the character is holding the bow with the left hand?
Shavronne wrapped Kaom's waist,
with her gilded purple boots.
"You want my sockets?"

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