ZiggyD Showcases Five Map Bosses from Atlas of Worlds

Very nice
t_golgari wrote:
LBGxValor wrote:
can u srsly find someone else to do ur job for u? ziggy garbage has the top 10 most annoying voices on the planet and im sick of listening to him talk and talk when i and many others dont wanna hear him we just wanna c the content..... so pls do it urself thx

[Removed by support]

[Removed by Support] srsly get someone else to do it..still dont wanna HEAR his voice
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First post ever, since it's the first time new content has made me feel so conflicted.
It all looks amazing and I'm really hyped, but seriously... why the hate on melee.
ZiggyD made it out as funny when getting close to the boss triggered a slam covering half the room, but does anyone here realise that melee characters HAVE to get close to bosses to deal damage? Yet another boss that will be practically impossible for true melee characters.

If there would be content that is also melee only that would balance it somehow, but the only content I can think of is proximity shield which is rare and doesn't apply to bosses.

As I said, hyped for the patch, it looks awesome, just not as awesome as it could have been. Just my 2 cents.
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Stay tuned for even more one-shot mechanic's and bosses that encourage off-screen bow builds.
Snowflakesz wrote:
Stay tuned for even more one-shot mechanic's and bosses that encourage off-screen bow builds.

Yeah, exactly. The game is already broken and now they're making it even more broken. Why even HAVE melee skills anymore if all they can come up with completely fails to keep melee in mind as a possible build? The game just keeps getting worse... and worse... and worse...
People who don't like the Labyrinth are not a minority: Be heard - say you don't like it in your signature. Don't leave complaining about lab to others - GGG needs to see how many people dislike it. Ascendancy must be gated on true ARPG content, not a poorly-crafted internet Legend of Zelda wannabe.
i hope vaal oversoul get some love
my english sux.
As someone who recently started playing this game, I can honestly say this is a great game! Keep the new content flowing!
good job most of the bosses are boring
+ funny how sexcalibure has disgraced again
Considering that ziggyd 3shots whites with his build,i don't think that these bosses are so difficult.
Propably 6-7 hits with a proper crit harbinger build or 1 hit with a proper trap build..

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