ZiggyD Showcases Five Map Bosses from Atlas of Worlds

TheDeathX wrote:
why always ziggyd?

Because he ponied up the money to go to their offices. He also is doing all these hype videos for them, for free.

Ofc his reward is that they embed the links to said videos on their news posts, and he has exclusive access that other streamers don't, so he should expect to get more views, and therefore more YT monies in return. It's a win-win.

A better question might be: "why not other streamers too?" This was probably just a 'right place, right time' kind of thing, where ziggy had been wanting to visit the GGG offices and they hatched this plan together. Perhaps next expansion they will extend the offer to a different streamer if it goes well this time around.


On topic: these bosses look fun. I'm rolling melee in Essence league and pushing myself farther than ever before to see just how bad the gap is. Given what I just watched in the video, I'm not super optimistic, but there's only one way to find out for sure.

Dark_Chicken wrote:
lmao this update should be renamed 2.4: "Killing Melee for good"

I was thinking the same,

Wonder if some of those "featured" streamers with beta access show if those bosses were 1-shooty also with usual melee setups. Specially considering that this refurbished bosses are in mid-tier map (place where most builds SHOULD work).

Sexcalibure wrote:

Its sad to see that GGG give all their previous to the most boring streamer while there are a lot of quality ones that deserve and could explain stuff better than a streamer that most likely wont reach that endgame

Says a guy with 25 challenges completed. Ziggy has reached endgame in any given league. He has done any boss, and he helped the coomunity a lot. Stop writing stupid things about other people please!
So all what they did for improving "other maps" is new boss for Gorge and absolutely no work (like adding more density or getting rid of dead ends) to make players want to actually visit other maps instead of just skipping Gorge's boss? Awesome.
They are cool until you realize the clusterfuck they are going to be on certain map combos. Always good to see them overhaul duller bosses though.
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interesting but probably rippy bosses. I guess stormflay and megaera now host some other maps, else, get rektart... chirp
Hey, hey! It's the Postal Dude! Get him!
As i see ppl always comes up with melee problems, while the real problem is not melee itself.
Ofcourse there could be balances, like giving all "melee" category stones some on hit defences or anything that goes for defensive abilites since melee has to get closer.

But the real problem with the game from the "outside-view" is its not really path of exile as it [should] used to be.

There are no real "so much different possibilites and choices" like we first thought when we saw the passive tree and everything..

The game became more like "path of attackspeed" and "path of CoC"

Ofcourse there are a few other possibilites and some brave (they call it stupid) builds,
but most of the times whenever it comes to PoE even if you just search in google,
the first things comes up are "DPS" and "CoC"..

Its ok if ppl like it, but almost looks like the only "viable" possibilites.

examples might be:

If you wanna deal more damage, you cant have raw strength, no real "1 shot"..
instead you can have dps with hundreds of shots in a few seconds.

You may be surprised,but there may be players that dont like those stupid overspeed chops,
with no animation at all (forum section about animation is completely ignored btw)

Some of us would like to have instead a "slow but sure" hard hit mechanism.
But it feels like that's almost impossible to make, so having higher damage can only be earned by having higher speed? really? ...so much possibilites.

Actually i dont know what to suggest on fixing this, but im sure its sick.
I dont need anything to be "nerfed", but improved.
Maybe just make a single hit stronger when you dont have (cuz dont like) the overspeed,
if its possible at all.
Maybe give more defensive abilites since you dont have that much openings like someone just blindly mindless attacking or something..
Or give more AoE for being "slow but sure" ...idk. But right now there r really not much options for damage dealing as it supposed to be.

There is this "CoC" things also... why would anyone even have damage supports, damage nodes, AoE or anything... when Cast on Crit is just too much alredy?

I mean seriously.. Crit itself deals "atleast" double damage, right?
Yet it gives you the ability to cast stuff on it? really?

Its ok if ppl like it and as the devs said "we like to see our players feeling powerful"
But come on! Is it seriously "Path of CoC DPS ""anything viable"" Gone sexual Gun pulled"???

Dont you think such op mechanics are a bit boring and lack of creativity?

Maybe i dont have good suggestions or anything at all, but i see and understand what i see.
and its everywhere.

I like most of the new bosses but I don't unserstand why stormflay had to be removed for some stupid rogue exiles? Stormflay wasn't to strong and wasn't to easy, a well babanced boss. I don't get it......
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can u srsly find someone else to do ur job for u? ziggy garbage has the top 10 most annoying voices on the planet and im sick of listening to him talk and talk when i and many others dont wanna hear him we just wanna c the content..... so pls do it urself thx
666lol666 wrote:
I like most of the new bosses but I don't unserstand why stormflay had to be removed for some stupid rogue exiles? Stormflay wasn't to strong and wasn't to easy, a well babanced boss. I don't get it......

She wasn't interesting though.

6 random rogue exiles is going to be awesome. Some combinations will be really dangerous, and you'll never know what you're going to face - but they'll also be a lot more rewarding than a regular map boss.

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