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ZiggyD Showcases Five Map Bosses from Atlas of Worlds

vio wrote:
Sexcalibure wrote:
Lol, how much has Ziggy paid GGG to have so many reveals...


Sexcalibure wrote:
Its sad to see that GGG give all their previous to the most boring streamer while there are a lot of quality ones that deserve and could explain stuff better than a streamer that most likely wont reach that endgame

the only boring thing is see here is having to read your posts.


Just watch more ProjectPT to compensate too much ... positivism.
"better to simply go balls deep full retard if you gonna go retard." -Boem-

Really cool, I'm really looking forward to discovering all the new bosses and hopefully map reworks :)
Loving that fire and fury skill lol

I'm sure all the old bosses have been moved elsewhere or will be reused, GGG don't normally waste resources.

PS. enjoying the ziggyz reveals, at least he's enthusiastic! It's also obvious that he's not using any defensive mechanics to give a feel for the bosses.
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I know what build I'm doing in Essence (if I'm playing it at all). Going to see how many times I can run under Tempchained+Withered Megagoat while it is in the air :D

NacyusDrako wrote:
If you wanna deal more damage, you cant have raw strength, no real "1 shot"..
instead you can have dps with hundreds of shots in a few seconds.
Sorry, but... have you ever heard of Vortex?
And worst change is putting almost all bosses in new version of maps into fucking small areas, where you can't kite well or dodge stuff. What a terrible idiot invented that I want say to him: dude flick you, seriously flick you very much.
Wow all the hate directed at ZiggyD, As a business owner myself I would have 0 problems aligning myself with someone like him because he is marketable. He comes off professional and portrays a positive image. Some of the other top streamers who make videos are full of them yelling stuff like OHH F&#&# and act like 13 year olds, or a bad frat party impersonation while this isn't bad for some audiences it does alienate quite a few and they might not want to be seen that way. Of course there is the segment of the fan base who will call him out as being a fanboy or lackey the truth is they would have something negative to say about anything.

As far as Lady Stormjay and Magnera(sp) I will miss both of them as they have become a good test on if your toon was ready to progress, although Lady Stormjay lost her deadliness quite some time ago It was still fun to beat on her. The new bosses look fun though and will bring diversity in. How many times must we kill piety haha.

As far as mele goes - Could GGG please give some sort of response as to why ranged is both safer and faster? Or just a general headsup on where they want mele to be.
t_golgari wrote:
That is EXACTLY what I was afraid of. No maps anymore where you can just have an easier time and relax a bit.

None of those bosses can be done with ANY mods that increase AoE, because the arenas are small as f**k.
The Gorge-boss has a one-shot mechanic, nice!!!!!
The ideas with the Rhoas nests and the switches is nice, the portals are a really funny gimmick. But hell no, as a casual player I wanted to see some more laydback stuff.

And all of them are basically unkillable as a melee character. Fun and interactive gameplay!

I don't understand it: We tell GGG basically every day in every available forum: We don't like clusterf**k mechanics.

And all they give us is clusterf**k mechanics! Or oneshots.

On a bright side: I love the new tilesets, I really hope when they say we want to balance the old and good maps with the old and hated maps they don't just make the nice maps worse and the bad ones stay as they are. I would like to play a torture chamber (sans boss of course, see clusterf**k), but I can't justify the blood pressure increasing that stupid layout has on me!

You are the first person I've see ln ask for this in the 2 years I've played
I cant think of anything negative to say about these changes, all will improve the general enjoyment of the game for these maps, increase drops/difficulty etc and new content is a win imo if it doesnt wreck what makes poe great
I got a fever and the only prescription, is more cowbell!
One-shot mechanic? My god, 4k life character with no enfeeble/tempchains on blasphemy and doubtly any armor/% mitigation easily survived his slam. Not to say its extremely easy to dodge and boss give you some time to just reck him while doing nothing himself. Its disappointing how easy they looks. Void thingy instead of piety definitely seems like a downgrade
Really looking forward to these new bosses; love how things are getting more varied and linked to world lore and legend.

All those hating on ZiggyD, love him or hate him, he broadcasts GGG's brand effectively, he makes high quality, interesting videos for starter builds and game information. All in all he's a great way for new players to dive into POE with more confidence so I say keep it up! Everything GGG can do to attract more players is a win in my books.
The adventure is not is within.
NacyusDrako wrote:

If you wanna deal more damage, you cant have raw strength, no real "1 shot"..
instead you can have dps with hundreds of shots in a few seconds.

You may be surprised,but there may be players that dont like those stupid overspeed chops,
with no animation at all (forum section about animation is completely ignored btw)

Some of us would like to have instead a "slow but sure" hard hit mechanism.
But it feels like that's almost impossible to make, so having higher damage can only be earned by having higher speed? really? much possibilites.

cheerz man
i see it literraly same way:
Bisquit wrote:
the vast majority of melee buids wants to stack attack speed. Enormous amounts of this parameter. Because at this moment it seems to be the most effective way to increase your damage output after you’ve got some dmg from tree & gems. So it’s pretty common to see melee builds using multistrike+faster attacks combo in their main attack setups. Even EQ benefits from IAS very well if you do it right, despite the fact it was designed to be some kind of hard hitter. So, since there is no cap for IAS amount or any kind of mitigation at high values most of melee builds look just like if they had some kind of epileptic seizure, which is really sucks from my point of view. And if you don’t wanna stack IAS your dps will never reach the values of builds that do.

silumit wrote:
Sorry, but... have you ever heard of Vortex?

vortex seems fine
but its just a single spell
what about others?
and what about attacks?
Great change on Crematorium Boss about time. I actually had to stand up and clap for that!
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