Particle Effect Optimisations in 2.4.0

this is amazing truly ..good job guys :)
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Great news, I love it!
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I realize 4.5 times the FPS isn't going to be commonly seen in the real world, but excellent work guys. Every time you further optimize the game things improve for us a bit, and all those bits add up [I believe they'll add up to 64-bit next year? ;)].

I'm so happy that GGG has dedicated people for improving performance, and I'm so grateful to those working on it as well as whoever made that decision (Chris?). So excited for 2.4!
Nice :)

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Barivius wrote:
Any way you can test to make sure this doesn't cause day 1 issues? If all is well, this is a big deal.

Given the fact that there are just about as many configurations as there are computers, it's virtually impossible to prevent some people from having day 1 issues.

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Very nice, GG GGG!

News like this is just one of the many reasons why I choose to still support PoE and GGG. Keep up the great work!
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I cant wait for 2.4.0!!!

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