Particle Effect Optimisations in 2.4.0

so good to hear, I am happy although I just bought a new computer :)

DerekG wrote:
In case anyone wants to know...
Note: Not all CPUs from the listed families support AVX. Generally, CPUs with the commercial denomination "Core i3/i5/i7" support them, whereas "Pentium" and "Celeron" CPUs don't.

Helpful list, but just to add a small detail... the mobile version of i5 (at least my M430) does not support AVX. At least it has SSE for a small boost. I could probably play again on my laptop with that new patch. FPS is never great but gets close to zero with lots of particles on screen.

Architekturkritik, die man tatsächlich sieht!

Farin Urlaub
God Mode confirmed.
Next league name.
20 to 40 fps is not a big difference at all. Developer should not be getting us hyped and projecting about performance improvements. More testing needs to be done in high end maps and whatnot, not with a bunch of skeletons shooting stupid projectiles.

It's like No Man's Sky hype / feature list all over again, but now with POE. Don't be fooled, folks. This is a marketing play to hype up 2.4.0.

Nice try Jon, and Vincent. You played yourself.
All this from a non-supporter pfffft
Damn, I cant wait for this patch....

The Broadwell E CPU will chew this right up using the AVX 2.0 extension. hmm.

Out of curiosity though. What system was this tested on Spec wise. CPU, Ram and Mobo?
Axel_Moore wrote:
creasian wrote:
Axel_Moore wrote:
I would like to know why my video card never reach 1200 mhz, only 960 (when i set maximum perfmance profile for poe in nvidia control panel)

Tha means POE dont use the 100% of my video card in the most hard moments, when i get 11 fps...

The game is not well optimized?

Using --experimental-frame-optimizations in the command line improved my fps a lot, but i would love the poe would use the 100% of my video card.

Only way i can get my 1080gtx to run with any boost is if i let my fps roam free. With nothing holding it back, which i use rivatuner to lock the fps for gsync, I get about 400+ fps on 1440p. I usually lock it at 140fps, and the gpu won't boost up at all. Low usage, and the cpu is a 4670k @ 4.5ghz and sits around 60% usage as well.

Only time i really dip is with burning ground and a zillion items littering the ground, but I do dip into the 40's at those times.

Glad to read you, that is, with the latest gpu and cpu he has the same problem as me.

The game uses 100% of your GPU in the hardest momemnts ? ( No, it doesnt )

The game uses 100% of your CPU´s in the hardest moments ? (No, it doesnt )

So the problem doesnt comes from us, comes from the engine.

You cant say say me i play withcher 3, mgsv 5, dragon age inquisition, 60 - 45 fps stable and get 11 fps in some moments in poe, is ridiculous.

If the game engine is not multi-threaded then there's no way it could use 100% of your CPU unless you're running an old single core CPU.

If your CPU can only utilize one of its cores to run the game, that core becomes the performance bottleneck: even if your GPU is awesome, it can't receive any additional rendering instructions from the CPU, because the CPU is limited by the engine to processing a single set of instructions.

SO: you should be excited about any improvements involving multi-threading, because that will allow your CPU to process more instructions at once, which will allow your GPU to render more at once, which will.....get you more frames per second.
Can we expect graphics improvement in the near feature due to the optimisation/multi-threading?
Like better models, textures, effects, and so on...
Jerle wrote:
Discharge is finally getting some love <3
Oh, the irony...
And worst change is putting almost all bosses in new version of maps into fucking small areas, where you can't kite well or dodge stuff. What a terrible idiot invented that I want say to him: dude flick you, seriously flick you very much.
Quick Question:

If i have SSE4 (not 2) will this implementation work on my end?
Im guessing the SSE4 is the newer/better version of SSE2
I am having fps problem with multithread on from 100 to 10 with multithread off no fps problems ,but i deleted the comand line from2.3.3 for the multithread beta.pls help

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