Particle Effect Optimisations in 2.4.0

Holy shit, glad I have gsync.

What were the CPU/GPU used in the test?
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PSA: Every CPU from Sandy Bridge and Bulldozer onward supports AVX so most people should be profiting a lot from this.
GGG banning all political discussion shortly after getting acquired by China is a weird coincidence.
My yeast is rising.
Great job guys
Holy balls, thanks GGG. Once again you have proven you are without a doubt the best company out there :)
You genuinely make be proud to play this game and glad I give you money. Thanks!
Big steps lately in terms of performance and in general :D

ggg are the best.
just came back to the game after 8-9months of playing other games, was very suprise when i first launch the game, it took 1 sec compare to like 25sec back then xD. gj boys
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This Vincent seems like a pretty ok fellow. You can tell him I said that.
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Question: AVX or AVX2?
Good job

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