Particle Effect Optimisations in 2.4.0

I haven't been pumped for a long while. This looks good

Releasing another performance upgrade during patch launch. REALLY?! SRSLY?
God mode enabled.
This is possibly the first real world instance where my Westmere i7-980X begins to show its age.

I'll wait and see how the SSE implementation works, because thus far going from Gulftown at 4.2GHz with QPI and Triple Channel RAM to a current gen i7 has been an inconsequential upgrade considering the system rebuild involved.
It might've been mentioned elsewhere in which case I am sorry for asking it again, but how many cores/threads can PoE make effective use of now? Does performance and stability increases linear with amount of utilized threads?
Only for super computers. Right?

All of the "optimizations" so far, has made the game increasingly hard to play, for me.
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Finally something actual work for me. THanks for multi thread
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This isn't available for testing, in the same manner we are able to test the multithreading option line is it ?
My wife came back to me

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