CIS (Russian) Garena Account Migration, Localisation and Servers

As mentioned in an earlier post, the Garena CIS Path of Exile servers are permanently shutting down today. This is scheduled for 00:00 Moscow time /9am NZT. We will then begin a process of migrating accounts to the International realm, which is expected to take about 6 hours.

When migrations are complete, CIS players will have the option to claim the contents of their Garena Path of Exile account on a new account through our website login page. Steam account linking will also be available. These accounts will include everything from the CIS realm such as characters, purchases, points, guilds and hideouts. While the Russian version doesn't currently include all of the dubbed voiceovers, we're working to restore these in the near future.

Today we are also welcoming Alexander_GGG and Natalia_GGG to our community team. They'll be assisting with our continued support for the Russian-speaking community!

If you have any questions or concerns about the transfer process, please contact our customer support!
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does gear also get transfered over? and first yay
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Please allow support for localization in other languages.
there are a lot of users willing to do it for nothing.
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gg mods, deleting posts
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Hello my friend! Russki est`?

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