CIS (Russian) Garena Account Migration, Localisation and Servers

Непишите свои сомнительные посты. Давайте поговорим.
For those who could not learn Russian)))
(Do not write your questionable posts. Let's talk)))
So for several seasons of races I was thinking that it's my ping that is causing long delay between the attempt to enter location and start of loading screen. Now I have 25ms ping and the delay is still there, 3sec of "Entering xxx_zone..." on every new location I try to enter.

Playing with 70-80ms ping, which is causing long loading between zones,
resulting in 2-4 minutes disadvantage in 1 hour races.
(I was wrong, it wasn't a ping issue but something else on GGG side)
Now, I have literally 90% less ping with the new gateway. Thanks GGG!
The very question is to merge my Garena account with this one and make it a sudden eruption of freaks all in one place.
Всем привет, как делать перевод акка?
Where is the TR ? (Turkish)
RIP EU / US Path of Exile Servers and Economy
#1. German Fan Blog.

[2.0.2] Crit Chaos Arc with Dual Curse 61k+ DMG Voltaxic Rift
MAD PPL Counter: 1
Когда завезут в стим для СНГ?
Now we need a rule in where anyone who doesn't write in english gets reported and banned.
Same on for non russian comments.
Else be prepared for a lot of cyrilic spam and people not bother reading GGG's posts anymore.
Russians tend to do this a lot.
I hate to read comments and not even know if they curse or whatever.
I believe other users might feel the same.

Si ellos van a hablar en un idioma que no entienden ni ellos, yo también.

Habéis traido la comunidad más tóxica, conocida en el mundo entero por ser los primeros usuarios de bots y la habéis unido con la versión internacional.

Espero que ellos os compren las microtransaciones, porque desde luego yo no os voy a donar dinero nunca más.

Disfrutad de vuestras decisiones.
SSF - Super Street Fighter.

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