Cumulative Atlas Completion Bonus

cutt wrote:
So essentially AoW will have the same map drop system as 2.3, but instead of tier 1,2,3,4 you will be getting tier 2,3,4,5. Wow, I was so excited for this expansion but this announcement 4 days before release completely killed any hype I had for it.

This expansion was your chance to make the end-game more accessible and not be hidden by crazy amounts of RNG and currency spending to roll higher tier maps and you did nothing to address that. I've officially lost any interest in AoW. Gonna buy Legion instead, at least there devs care about accessibility of their content.

I think you need and others need to go back and reread what chris wrote again.. Slowly..
He saying they are adjusting the system so we WONT see the same map starvation we have had in the past so everyone who is completing maps will be able to climb the tiers and wont see that usual wall at around T9-11.

Thats why they are not even going with the 33% penalty compared to now from the start like they planned to offset this bonus we will be getting and instead making sure the bonus will insure that once you get to that normal starving point in map progression if you have been completing maps and getting the bonus you will continue to build a map pool. They are trying to give us access to the higher maps easier so long as we are completing maps which is more than fair.

Now if your skipping boss's and shit and not completing maps to make it so only certain maps drop.. Well then dont come complaining that maps are not dropping like their suppose to.. Because your not completing maps like your suppose to. the bonus not only insures higher tiers will more easily drop but also that +2 maps will also more easily drop which will be very nice for map progression and will help insure we won't hit a massive wall. More completion bonus will also help with not seeing so many maps that drop WAY below the lvl of map you are runnings which is one of the biggest issues in mapping.. Hopefully this will mean less T1 Trop Islands dropping from your T13 boss. Instead if you have the bonus built up you'll more likely see that +2..

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South_North wrote:
While the mechanic wasn't even out, it is a direct Nerf to mapping that was to come

no it's not. the old atlas system put a huge malus on your map drop rate which you could have slowly compensated by unlocking maps.

the new atlas map drop procedure doesn't have the malus anymore.


the problem here is, again, communication.

when ggg introduced the old map drop buff, they didn't mention the malus but it was obvious to everyone except the "hypa hypa's" that the up to 120% MORE map drop rate when fully completing the atlas would have to be countered with a respective nerf to the general map drop rate.
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Edit. Chris explained on Reddit.
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This sounds really positive. Instead of brickwalling around tier 11 maps (with 12+ being quite rare), I expect I'll now see enough maps to sustain T13, with 14+ being somewhat rare.

I can live with that.

Next, please rebalance the IIQ and Packsize numbers for each of the various map mods. Some cancer mods (+105% damage dealt as additional cold damage) offer very little, while some harmless mods (40% less regen) offer huge incentives to run them.

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I wonder why you make such a changes 5 days before launch. It's disturbing.
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bloodlines zana mod is op now
very good change
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News are coming fast and furious. I do like this change in theory.
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Nykken wrote:
So, assuming a bonus of 123%...
If you're farming tier 2 or above it would be impossible to see a tier 1 drop as it has a 100% chance to upgraded at least one tier and a 23% chance to be upgraded two tiers to a tier 3.

If you're farming Dried Lake you would still only see tier 1 as that's the highest tier that can drop in Dried lake.

If you're farming tier 1 then normal mobs would still drop only tier 1 maps as tier 1 is the cap, but magic/rare enemies could only drop tier 2 while bosses would have all tier 1 drops upgraded to at least a tier 2 with a 23% chance to upgrade to a tier 3 along with its usual tier 2 drop being upgraded to a tier 3 drop and its usual tier 3 droprate.

edit: actually, the way the OP is worded, it might be the case that normal mobs in tier 1 would actually drop tier 2 maps with a 23% chance to upgrade to tier 3 as tier 3 is technically possible as a drop in tier 1 off of the map boss.

No, the way the OP is worded makes it crystal clear that a white mob in a tier 1 can only drop tier 1 maps.

Capped at maximum level that could drop from that monster (same as before).

Will Google maps work with the new atlas? because the old map system google kept routing me through the gorge

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