ZiggyD's Essence League Beginner's Guide

The only thing i feel is kind of messed is if u make a mob spawn not only are you expected to fight the mob but you don't get anything from killing it? you should at least get double xp than a normal rare or some sort of item drop or just 1 essence, other than that i feel the mechanic is useless and all players will just skip these fights. Other than that it looks alright so far. just hope we dont have some almost impossible challenges this league. and some good rewards :p
Essences should work in maps and strongboxes too. I hope they add that in the future.
Thanks, i understand nothing, try again with portuguese subtitles.

Sorry for my poor english!!

Nágash wrote:

Only a casual players opinion, nothing special.

..and a good one.
Looks great cant wait for essence OO
dude im so pumped for this league. i hope these essences get rolled into standard afterwards as well. i can't wait for this
This just looks so mediocre...
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Our maps are high rolled...<High®>

Havent played since the awakening came out , it would take something amazing for me to come back
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Wow. I haven't played in a while but I am glad ZiggyD is getting some more attention. He deserves it.

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