ZiggyD's Essence League Beginner's Guide

hahaha u make me laugh

ok dude, I wish good luck to u in the next league, I'll not use this bug site cause in 10 hours zizaran get level 1-90, not just one level 87 - 88 like this site shows with 10h of exp time

I think that conversation its over a long time ago

the time spent here worth cause u said...

Hunwulf wrote:
( at all, for single days it can sometimes bee a bit buggy).

its not perfect yet but its a start

have a nice day, hahahaha

Rofl ^^ noone gets 90 in 10h, what a BS dude ^^
Played and analyzed to many temp leagues for such pulled-out-nowhere comments ;)

Again, look at this page. It shows all ladder chars you hav. It' shows you ripped all higher leveled chars this legue. It shows, you never participated in Races. It shows your older ladder chars. All untrue? It show your participation in Events. You never played this chars shown there? Think about it.

Only think this should show, at your example, that your as-so-skilled full challenges is a factor of hardcore time intense grinding and nothing more - as I shown clearly. As the stats show clearly.

You just don't admit it, I can undertsand you are a bit ashamed that you have nothing to do apart from playing PoE.
But it's nothing wrong with that (for me) - only thing wrong is to bragg after that and declaring 40/40 as "skill" where it is clearly not.

"better to simply go balls deep full retard if you gonna go retard." -Boem-

Last edited by Hunwulf on Aug 31, 2016, 11:17:21 AM
SO much new stuff to fill stash tabs with. BUY MORE STASH TABS, come on!

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