Divination Cards and Other News!

Omg 4k armour... omg dude *_*
Say what again. SAY WHAT AGAIN! I DARE YOU! I DOUBLE DARE YOU, MOTHE**UCKER! Say what one more god damn time!
mr_orannge wrote:
Aug 30, 2016 12:00 AM (This is displayed in your local time)

This ment to be midnight or noon? Start using 24 hours cycle like normal peoole do :)
But thanks for ansewering anyway :)

It's midnight (although technically neither Midnight nor Noon are am/pm, since they are the meridians).
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Patch notes plz
When night falls
She cloaks the world
In impenetrable darkness
Would be funny if the Void just gave your a portal that leads you to standard league.
great news
"Reach into the Void and claim your Price"

As a little hint, I had chili yesterday. All day ;)
So far GGG just made two pointless leagues without so much as opinions or apologies to the players. Talisman league for all of us grinding and going to farm was just made into a full access divination card. That is an insult to your player base for wasting our time to farm on a specific league for it's benefits so you could later just sum the whole league up with a card. Way to think it through. Then prophecy league- a league that's also implemented for standard...indefinitely = another pointless league. I see people bash standard, but with GGG's decisions you're making leagues rather pointless and offensive decisions to your player base. The inadequate management this past 6 months in regard to player base has shifted my loyalty of liking this game to view as another Perfect World International ran game where graphics/money is priority.
Finally we have crash issues left unfixed, excessive lag spikes, and global chat where people are free to bash,insult,troll,bully,harass without any real punishments. Ignore/turning off global yeah that's great options, but as players we have the right to utilize Global for the game mechanics such as questions, helping eachother out, or the occasional trade. R.I.P. Path of Lagstyle I'm not supporting a game with any of my real life cash until GGG shows caring to it's player base, and ZiggyD ought to be thanking us for that smoothe running PC we players paid for.
The way divination cards work is that they give an item fitting the description on the card. With no conditions or criteria on the card, it means that it will give you a entirely random item. No criteria = nothing to hold it back, but also no criteria = nothing to make it guarantee anything.

The only thing, I guess, that would be guaranteed is the item level.

Overall, I'd say it's a good card. If you required more than one card, it would be lame, though.
Wouldn't it be funny if the Void does various damage to you in town.
If GGG chickens made an action RPG, what would it be called? Path of Eggxile, a Peck 'n' Slash RPG.
Why was the helmet spluttering? It was a coif.
Hyaon wrote:
Wouldn't it be funny if the Void does various damage to you in town.

When you turn it in, a singularity gets created in town and five random people are sucked into a T16 Vaal Temple map with you... That would be hilarious :)
When night falls
She cloaks the world
In impenetrable darkness

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