The Essence League Challenges and Rewards

I will try to complete all challenges again (4th time in a row).

A few things:
Rewards: back attachment is plain ugly, footprints are barelly noticeable (compare with prophecy/perandus' ones), portal is nice.


End Game grind: for those like me going for 40/40, endgame grind is a lot harder with the increase to 3 endgame grinds and in lab runs - I did atziris and lab in prophecy, might do it again. Rigwald's is also an interesting one, but meh, 3 endgame grinds this time... I just want to cry.

Divination Cards: In prophecy I farmed every single one I redeemed. This time it seems that the div cards challenge is much harder to do it. My assessment based on my experience and the current state of the game is as follows.

The fox - it means farming low level content (act 2 cruel/merc) for a while, or Village Ruin map, which sucks. Its a widely availble card, though, so it will probably be relatively cheap to buy.

Lucky deck It's a joke, I farmed the card like a crazy maniac on prophecy, but never found a single one.

Treasure hunter I never found one. Ain't gonna farm it for sure

Vinia's token Easy. Done

The stormcaller Never found one, it only drops in bad-layout-type of map.

The penitent new one I guess. 5 cards, for a so so reward, not so bad depending on drop, which, if I'd had to guess, it will be as common as a volatile power.

The trial I was able to redeem one set (got core with vulnerability and 100%+ extra light dmg) on prophecy. Doable for sure.

Earth drinker I found a couple last league, which is a good sign since it only drop on dunes which I just don't run. Doable for sure, but meh... who wants to farm low level maps?

The Surveyor Binded to bad-layout type of maps, I found 1 in Core and none in the other maps it drops and I did lots of malformation runs.

Death Sucky reward, but doable.

Dialla's Subjugation Never found one, but didnt run many Temples either. It's gatted to Temple map, so it is potentially nice to farm. Its 7 cards though.

The enlightened by far the best reward in the challenge, but it just way too rare to farm. It only drops on Dry woods, which is a map I can do all day long without getting tired of the layout.

In other words, easy ones are the fox, vinia's, the trial, earth drinker and death.
Two slots open. I will watch out for the penitent drop place and rate. Also dialla's seems a good way to go, but I am not sure.

Overall I am hyped with the atlas and I can't wait to start playing.

"Hey man, nice shot"
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"All challenges" seeker.
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Willemoesium wrote:
Is it just me, or does the challanges seems easier and easier for each league?I'm going for 36 for the 4. time in a row ;)

Maybe they seem easier because you're getting better.
I was thinking about sitting this league out and play Legion instead, now I know I can do so without missing out on good looking mtx from the "challenges."

So yay, thank you! Have fun with your crafting strongboxes!
Man I'm glad you got rid of that 300 maps from bosses challenge. Made me quit the league out of boredom haha!
IGN: TitanVaolox

No more fully clear but complete maps instead now?

That's a change I was hoping for, nothing more boring than searching for this one remaining Stonegolem/Devourer/Water Elemental in a map for minutes...

The divination card challenge is a pain as always but you only need 36 for the Portal, which seems to be the main challenge goal for many people.

Aside from maybe 8 challenges they are all easily obtainable with enough time investment and a bit of luck.
I'm really excited about this league! Seems awesome at the moment with the combination of performance fixes and new gameplay elements!
whoop whoop
Can't wait to start
call me stupid but why it says normal only? me and my friend are going to start a hardcore character for fun this is stupid for me
Going for 36/40 for the third time then. Why doesn't weapon MTXs work with quivers? Need all the glows
There are 16 unique maps listed there, not 13, which the picture implies there are. 19 pages of comments and I am the only person who notices that the number of unique maps on that list is fairly obviously even and thus there cannot be 13.
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