The Essence League Challenges and Rewards

I actually really like these rewards and think the challenges are reasonable. The little quiver in the back spikes is just awesome.
Very very nice! Love the back attachment and portal effect. The challenges are really cool and not too hard to complete.

Also specifically love what you guys did with the twinned boss challenge, I hated not being able to do this one due to bad map drops.

-What are memory fragments?

-Completing 100 maps on the atlas(explore the atlas)... How many maps are actually completable on the entire atlas? (Love this challenge btw)

-The complete unique map challenge, this one is going to be tough!

-I kind of dislike having a prophecy chain challenge in there, but ah well it's not too bad. I do hope that these chains aren't very very rare to roll. This due to me stopping with the prophecy chain challenge in prophecy league due to not getting any of the chain follow-ups that were needed for the challenge.

-Why did you guys change the 40 Izaro uber lab to 60 Izaro's in uber lab? ... Was this too easy for some players? ... Because I personally thought 40 was fair due to the lab taking so much time to complete and because we'd have to farm fragments for it to even enter the lab.

PS: No 1200 voll kills... awww.

Edit: I'm really really glad you guys dropped the 1000 kill streak and double ghosted challenges! Really disliked these two.
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Nice challenges, probably going for 40/40 again :)
"Unided" seems like an incorrect term.

No, it is a correct term. It refers to what happens to Uni student's grades at around the time that GGG release an expansion for Path of Exile.
Am I the only one who saw that perandus manor is one of the challenge unique map on the list???

How can we even get there GGG?
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I really like the mtx. The back looks neat and not overloaded, perfect for an ice character ( looks like icicle to me).
Really really bad looking effects
All is good but this wings is ugly as hell
I think that memory fragments are those things in Vaal side areas, beside "reward pot`...
Bit to easy challenges but that's fine.

I think Memory Fragments will be lore related to the Shaper and the Atlas which will randomly appear in maps. Noone will read them but at least there is a reason to click them once :)

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