Atlas of Worlds Patch Notes

Maybe, but maybe i will try it again after soo long, it is nice to see new bosses, new maps but what is with one guest story line? It is annoying to play same shit three times to get into end game.
Why there is no new skills only again too imbalanced old?
That what u did with CoC it is shame, imo if you cant fix it just delete it, same as discharge etc
Last edited by Coolmer on Sep 2, 2016, 2:34:13 AM
Is there a Thread with all new Atlas of World Uniques? I cant find anything about it.
No currency or a way to respect Cartographer's Sextant mod?
CoC nerf is LONG overdue, made up with this.

are there any other late changes to the patch notes, like the Trap DoT that snuck in?
Mirror Service Thread: (#1 phys bow: 728 pdps/+1 arrow/1.67 aps, #1 impale/ts gloves and helm, #1 Melee Staff [978 dps], #1 wicked ward shield, #1 aurabot ammy, #1 ES stygian, and more)
lag spikes sucks for sure....
Awesome :(

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