Atlas of Worlds Patch Notes

Tears of blood, aching heart,
My dear Isildria must depart.

[Keeper] Oath keepers - Friendly EU focused guild for experienced players More info @ thread ID; 1426886
IGN; Isildria
OMG so many improvements :D

Many thanks to all GGG's staff
thank you GGG family
Nice!! Ty GGG.
Self found and solo (mostly)
I made this post on page 37 of how the atlas works, which was too late compared to when it was first released....BUT

You guys should let us have 2 or 3 Layouts of the Atlas:

that way everyone will use 1 layout to complete the entire thing...and then the other ones to make the map drop setup they most desire.

We can then access the diff layouts through a drop down on the atlas itself.

Well there goes every weird "hipster" build I was gonna try in Atlas because they shared support gems with a meta build lol
There's no powercreep here. Creep implies it's slow and could be overlooked, this is a full out sprint.

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