I've been running this build this league(3.9) and so far I've thrown roughly 2 to 2 1/2 exalts at it and it is still just as good as in other leagues. The only thing I'd change about the build is a simple addition, on your amulet I'd work towards enchanting the passive Breath of Flames through blight oil enchantment. This gives +10% Fire Damage Over Time Multiplier and 20% increased Fire Damage. The only downside of this is that golden oil, one of the ingredients for the enchant, is a bit expensive.
Or you could go for Growth and Decay for the regen 1% of life per second.
Growth and Decay has the same dmg output as Breath of Flames but on Growth and Decay you will have 1% more liferegen per second.

You can also go for Double Curse (Whispers of Doom) it's more DPS if you use a Witchfire Brew + Flammabillity/Ele Weak.

I dont recommend using Whispers of Doom because you need to use a Witchfire Brew + Flammabillity to have an advantage of this & in some fights, mostly bossfights you wont have your flasks up and being based on flasks is bad.

You can also go for a Witchfire Brew without Double Curse if you dont use a Curse but using no -Res Curse with a Witchfire is less DMG compared to a -Res Curse & without a Witchfire. (Always calculating vs Shaper)

Btw Demi forgot to use a 6% Life Node instead of a 5% Life Node.

You can also go for more Life, if you dont take the DMG Nodes like Breath of Flames & Divine Judgement.

I'd probably also go for Chieftain if I am able to get 90% Phys Reduce infight & enough Chaos Res.
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what do you think of the formless inferno as a helmet for this build in 3.9 acting like a mini taste of hate or lighting coil?
what about the Pantheon ? it doen't show in the thread
Love this build! any chance you could update this for 3.11?
PLS UPDATE!!!1!!!1
5 Way/100% Delirious service and more - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2966140

Map/Blueprint Duplicate service - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2977263
GonzoHobo wrote:
PLS UPDATE!!!1!!!1

I've been looking into this one as well, still have my old character in standard from this build and was thinking about all the new ways to add strength and cluster jewels. I'd love to see an updated take on this.
I'm really bored of buids costing 4 mirrors minimum. Seriously, who can expecte have such mirrors to spend ? 0.02% of players ? Or Alpha players, with alpha items to sell in stock ?

Please, post DESCENT builds !

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