AsStarforge 2H Crit Lacerate 3.0

Beastoeast wrote:
Nisseonbeer wrote:
LMFAO to "pro's not Blade vortex" ♥♥♥

been looking for somethign else to change my dualist to, since i am bored on EQ animation.
could this work on dualist or to low crit? i am in love with the 20% cull on boss's + the reflect reduction.

His passive tree,

Sure it can be very good, but you 100% need the Diamond Flask if you do that and want to stay Crit or at least I feel, your other option is to drop Crit Chance and Multi in your tree and go Resolute Technique (RT) which isn't bad at all, but I think it would have some dps problems in t14+ if you did go RT.

doubt a 700 dps weapon would have dps problem anywhere in this game if you have a decent passive tree
Cool. I am thinking of a similar setup but my skill tree and auras are different

look for "sludgewave"

originally a varunastra lacerate with death's hand. i specced to 2h sword version...

Skill Tree Differences:

- iron reflexes to deal with reflect and turn my jade and stibnites into armor
- dirty techniques by duelist under leech nodes to do more consistent poison/maim
- allocated for melee crit by marauder... the tooltip does not take into account the damage we lose if we don't score a crit.

with 3 frenzy charges, 5 power charges, atziri's, lion's roar, no warchief totem or vaal haste, i manage lacerate dps of 126k ...but 167k with vaal haste and totem.

Differences: I used the following:

- a belly instead and optioned for a 12% lacerate radius helmet

- a warchief totem to set up for bosses that 100% need kiting

- grace and temp chains blasphemy instead of haste for survivability

- witchfire flask allows me to double curse with doedre's damning

What i think about the build:

- can clear almost as well as vaal reave
- high potential damage scaling for most bosses
- can be used with warchief totem setup
- kiting playstyle is doable with dot builds

- low starting damage with no power charges or flask management
- lacks any form of specialized defense as a life-based asssassin
- absurdly expensive for quality of life build (the ele lacerate inquisitor is 100x more affordable with similar dps)

If i become successful with guardians, I will write again. Gl starforge players!

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I feel like its tough to build this crit heavy enough because the sword is only 5% maybe a berserker none crit version is doing the same or more damage (sadly there is not a useful dps calculator like the poebuilder provided a year ago)

i like the fact of a really expensive sword with really high damage, but it looks like the drawbacks are just to big with haste not even closely on par with the hatred or the other damage auras :( there should be a phys or chaos damage aura :)

we gotta find something that makes this 15ex weapon not worse than a 3ex dagger with a 1ex shield setup at least for damage output
is it possible to do this build as CI and get unwavering stance?
MFJones wrote:
is it possible to do this build as CI and get unwavering stance?

I haven't tested it or even try to build a tree for it, but I feel like you would lose on a lot of physical damage, but you could get more dot dmg to compensate which I feel isn't as good. I wish someone else can answer your question better than I do, have a nice day!

Maybe look on a Viper Strike build to give you ideas or a Flicker Strike CI build?
You're picking up 2 or 3 of the bandits choices; that caps you at 120 or 121 points not 123. You'll want to edit your endgame (123 point) tree appropriately.

Designing Cospri's Will:
Designing Cospri's Malice:
Iron Heart & Iron Fortress too!
True, I'll fix it soon.
How is it with keeping up power charges on single target?
Hello, a great build and your skill tree is very similar to mine(i was to post starforge lacerate guide, but there already is)

My current setup:

(ignore that life leech gem on starforge.. i don't use it at all)
Defensive setup for helmet of course will be Starkonja's instead of Rat's with increased lacerate critical strike chance enchantment.

I, now have around 5.7k life, with Vaal Pact(after i met lots of physical reflect mobs, i decided to go vaal pact and... i can't kill physical refect mobs effectively, but at least i don't die)
Once i get tri res boots and Atziri's Acuity and take health nodes, my life will be at 6.2~6.4K which is very nice(if i use life jewels, it'd be like 6.4~6.7k); not only that, the defense is pretty nice for a crit and evasion based character. And the warchief totem is really good against nasty mobs such as.. reflect rares. Plus, that totem saved me a lot of situations i couldn't even dare to attempt and is really nice for your back-up.
With nice evasion rating, dodge, leech, Fortify and Enfeeble you will feel really tanky.
Does that mean my dps is low? no! dps is really high and i tested corrupted core malachai and it was really easy. I think Starforge as a very defensive weapon with nice dps and i love it!

Anyway, nice build!
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You can'd deal lightning damage. How you apply shock with herald-CoH-vulnerability, cant work properly, or I'm missing something?
You need chance to shock from somewhere(boot enchant, tree or jewels)

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