AsStarforge 2H Crit Lacerate 3.0

Currently updating the tree with Path of Building (PoB).

I will add the link to the tree in the Passive Tree section as soon as it's done.

Haven't played the build in 3.0 yet, but I'll do some theorycrafting on PoB.

Use the guide as a reference only since it isn't optimized. For example, I have yet to decide which 6L setup is ideal to use with the active gem : Lacerate.

Passive tree updated on Path of Building, here's the pastebin link:
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Thank you so much for updating the build. :)))
How do you intend to use Flicker Strike with this build? I'm confused because basically every otehr Starforge build swaps between Sunder/Earthquake/Lacerate because you can't generate enough Frenzy Charges without Terminus Est... Care to explain?
So I started out my Cospri's Forge/Starforge oriented slayer, have gotten to mid-60s, but pathed up towards the left side of screen, particularly for the increased AoE slot. Are you able to comfortably get enough crit as slayer to outweigh the Resolute Technique benefits? Essentially I'm asking if I should buy a bunch of regrets and change over.

Any reply would be appreciated, I LOVED the cospri's/starforge build, but have been struggling to find an updated guide.

Additionally, would you mind posting a build starting from Duelist area? Since you mentioned slayer and assassin being comparable earlier, I got excited, but then realized there was no modification for that.

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Im runnig this Build right now and tried some stuff with Path of Building

My Outcome so far:

- Dont use Perfect Agony its a huge DPS loss.

- Gem Setup: lacerate - ruthless - maim - meleephys - multistrike - faster attacks

- For even more dps drop faster attacks with critical DAMAGE. And even more with less area -> conc effect.

- i personally use faster attacks so multi doesnt lock you in place that long and you dont need any INT gear

I don't see why you are getting both Noxious Strike and Toxic Deliveries + getting many Poison increased damage while using Brutality as a support gem for Lacerate.

So, you should drop Brutality and get Concentrated Effect, you wouldn't throw your poison damage + Atziri's Flask would be useful.

And drop Perfect Agony, it's garbage ^^

I reached 850k+ dps with those lil adjustement.

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