In Content Update 2.4.1, we announced that most totem skins now work with all totem types (other than the Ancestral Totems). These skins also work with the Siege Ballista Totem! To celebrate this new versatility of totem skins, we've re-recorded their microtransaction videos and are holding a three day sale where we're discounting all totem skins that were available before Content Update 2.4.1.

To clarify, the Ziggurat, Eagle Guardian, Olmec, Tiki, Green Searing Bond and new Dragon Totem Skins work on every type of totem excluding the Ancestral totems. Ghostflame Flame Totem is the only totem skin that exclusively belongs to one totem type (Flame Totem).

The three day totem sale includes all totem skins except the new Dragon Totem Skin that was released yesterday. To check out their discounts, visit the Daily Deal Section of the store. The sale starts at the time of this post and will end at Oct 21, 2016 12:00 AM (EDT) (this is displayed in your local time).

Check out our new updated microtransaction videos for the totem skins to see them in new situations!

Thank you for your ongoing support! If you're interested in getting some points, we recommend checking out the Atlas of Worlds Supporter Packs
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Grinding Gear Games
Nice. Except I have like all but...1-2 already. xD

cool B)
Badass. Been waiting for this for a lonnnng time.
Awesome! Thanks so much for this! i was disappointed when I bought some of the skins prior to this update precisely because I had misread how they were specific to certain totems. I love this update and my totems thank you too!
You might want to re-write the explanation on them in the shop as they all still say "Replaces the standard Spell or Ranged Attack totem"
In game name: Sirlancealot
now i can buy ziggurat for my searing bonds :)

I need more purple titles
It'd be nice to get a funny skin for Decoy Totem to be a Whack-A-Mole. Just seems right.
awsome :)

I loooove totems.

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