Build of the Week S06E06: The_x_ile's Cast on Ignite Build

Very nice. I was waiting for someone to pick those up. Good to see it in action here.

Love what you are doing with the videos, very good angles, effects and humour. Keep it up

Hopefully GGG will stop abandoning leagues after 4.0.0 is released
no nice build(((( for hardcore ) RIP 31% res Fire lol build no nice.
Sick video
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LOL, Eye of Innosence is 2 Ex now.
Well done!
Nice video and nice build. thx!
This build can't even complete Cruel Lab.
Dear GGG and Bex, I dont usually comment on the internet but this takes an exception.

This is hypocrisy. I have been playing this game for one year exactly now. I have not been able to enjoy the IMBA CoC builds that were nerfed and after the "This is a Buff" patch I realised that creating builds to improve my FPS is a way to enjoy my PoE experience better and help your servers run smoothly at the same time.

You complained that intensive, high APM builds caused massive lag on your server and that was the reason for your Nerfs to Cast on X and then you showcase a build to the entire community that seems to Cast just as many spells as before. Most of these skills are not lvl 20 due to the requirements of CWDT. So its a lower damage build but still with high APM.


maulepan wrote:
I would really like to know how you recorded that video. There is absolutly no chance that this smooth gameplay with a build like that happened on a live server. Usually you would attack, then have 0 frames for 2 seconds, then get another frame, then death.

Well yes if you don't have decent computer. I have yet to find any performance issues after 2.4. And im running cospri's discharger atm and have been in same group with summoner, ice trapper and blade vortex guy same time. No frame drops or anything like that. And i don't have high end pc. just i5 3570k (not overclocked) and GTX 770.

So with modern mid end pc you should not have issues. And with high end pc's (gtx 980, gtx 1070 or so) i think you can easily record this kind of builds with steady 60fps.
St0mpa wrote:


You didnt realise yet that ggg gave up on game developement?
Extremely clever. Thanks for sharing

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