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Celebrate Halloween with a Free Carnage Mystery Box with any Points Spent!

So I just used points to get a carnage box but didn't get a free one.

Edit: nevermind, it took a second to show up.
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It really sucks that they did not come up with a new Halloween MTX this yr, the idea came up that they should have done a Halloween Mystery box which I think that would have been sweet.
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Snowflakesz wrote:
Apparently this is a one-time deal unlike the other times.
You only get a free box once :/

Bought 4 boxes, recieved 5.

3x Sacrificial Shrines
1x Skin Transfer
1x Gore Sunder

It's been one-time every time.
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I had been looking forward to new or returning Halloween MTX for months. I appreciate the free mystery box with a purchase, but I was really looking forward to some spooky new pets and stuff for my Necromancer. I hope we're all mistaken in assuming that there will be no exclusive MTX this Halloween. :(
Well we got a Halloween-Inspired Unique Map... It's better than nothing?
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That feeling when u have only 4 points. Not enought even for a Weta Pet FeelsBadMan
+ shrine from 3, pretty decent:)
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Wheres the halloween MTX's? - i'be been waiting for so long to get a witch hat. :(

You can keep your boxes, i'm not buying any more of those.
Mustanger302 wrote:
Does anyone know how long it takes to get the second box after buying the first one? I bought one carnage mystery box about half an hour ago to trigger the free one, but it hasn't showed up yet.


I have sent you a PM about this :)
Humans these days are amazing, they can be handed everything in the world for free, and yet still find something to cry or complain about.
GGG is trying to do their best work to satisfy everyone at the same time, and that is a large amount of people.
One person finds something good, and yet 5 others find the same thing bad, what is the deal, do they think they are so entitled that they have to punch GGG in the face when just 1 thing went bad for them?
Lower the bar people, lower your expectations, for god sake think that if you can do any better than GGG to get a programming degree and by all means try. Don't be so hard on them when they made something great.
Yeah, yeah, "but I pay money to them,,,,so that means they have to listen", whine, whine, cry, cry.
Jesus people, find a new game if it upsets you that bad, nobody is making you play. Either that or just stop and accept what you get.
Sorry for the rant, but one gets tired of reading all the drama some of you volcanoes spit out.

Enjoy your game and have a wonderful life.
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