Celebrate Halloween with a Free Carnage Mystery Box with any Points Spent!

First of all when ucsay free it means free not that u have to buy something in the shop to get one for free 😡THING LIKE THIS MAKE ME GO FUCKI*ING MAD AS FUCK
so i went for the free mystery box and all i got was this lousy

can't win everytime, can i?

which results in the question what's to win here?

i already won when i decided to support the game because my support contributes to it's continuous development. which is my primary goal. to play!

what's to lose then?
well, all those losers who bought the item i got for free for the full price lose because i got the mtx cheaper than them.

was nice talking about false incentives with you, thank you, thank you!
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Is it possible to refund some of the stuff I bought a couple of days before this announcements? :(
I missed it by a day. -_-

And, I, like everybody else, like free stuff.
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I got this. Also have a Pet Weta now.
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This should be free to everyone who has ever spent money on your game GGG!
Brinb back the witches hats i want them
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will carnage shield further release in MTX store?
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I have 666 points, I don't want to ruin it.
Snelson88 wrote:
It should say buy one get one free

Wouldnt be right tho.

Because its only ony your first purchase that you receive 1 free mystery gift and no matter what you buy from the shop

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