Celebrate Halloween with a Free Carnage Mystery Box with any Points Spent!

Straix6 wrote:
Free when you spend......


It was very nice of them if they really give a free mystery box indeed!
Uh I purchased a Premium Stash Tab Bundle for 200 pts and a Currency Stash tab for 75 pts. I haven't recieved a mystery box. What gives? Please fix.
Can the second box be gifted/traded to a friend?

edit: Oh, and is the two for one deal valid for multiple transactions or only the first?
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i spend 5 point for weta pet and give me free carnage box ??
GGG please put up some exclusive MTX for Halloween like every year. Please <3
Just bought carnage box yesterday -_-, fuck off.
These aren't Halloween MTXs....
U know what mean FREE?
FREE means that I dont have to spend anything to get it.
That's a present if I buy something, which it's totally different from Free.
Please learn the meaning of words or go back to school, ignorants.
OneEyeTwoHead wrote:
These aren't Halloween MTXs....

I know, I was looking forward to some new Micro's Halloween related o well maybe next yr. They need to offer these Mystery box's itself as a purchase I think they would be a cool skin over our stash and guild stash.
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will i get a free carnage mystery if i buy a supporter pack?
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