Celebrate Halloween with a Free Carnage Mystery Box with any Points Spent!

thx GGG now i have 3 pairs of gloves
trash only. i start to hate this .
give us free wings.. becuase they are messed up in the box.
I got 4 pair of those gloves ><
Seems like it only gives gloves...
i really would like that carnage box in my hideout ... :)
age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill
Whats up with the gore armour set? You let us do the talisman challenges, and promice that the reward armour is challange only. Then you add some blood to it, and set it for sale. I thought there were some prestige in running around with my rigwald helmet, but now everyone can have it. Im a little disapointed actually. (I dont know how long it has been around, I just have not seen it before)
im more than disappointed recently :D lol..

to be honest. i really think that these boxes are stealing money from players.
i think that in certain days there are different loots
i've spent more than 5k points on them and i didnt even get 1 wing of any type
3 types of wings and non came out with 5k points.
1 day 3k points and not even 1 worm or 1 shield. non
then in next run another day maybe 7 worms and many shields.
something is certaintly off with these boxes
i think we deserve a word from GGG ;)
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This is a fine use of mystery boxes, but on the whole I'm against them and wish you would stop creating them. There's something about us giving you our money, only for your RNG to (potentially) give us an item we've no interest in which just feels... predatory.

I'm a fan of PoE and a fan of GGG. I'm not a fan of these.
agree with you completely. i learned my lesson with these. im never again going to open such boxes even if they are given to me for free.. they got me so tens and stressed and upset that i almost quit .
I was just buying some skin transferts when the advert line came out in game.
Found a box in my mtx stash with inside vampiric wings. And they fit perfecly my pg.
Thanks guys!

The Narra-Tor
u guys said these start with MYT(local time), if im from singapore do i follow your timing or?

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