Our Three Year Release Anniversary

當初遊戲尚未測試前...看到遊戲第一個感覺: 一定又是一個抄襲暗黑破壞神的免洗遊戲..!!
想說玩玩看好了~反正閒著也是閒著....!! 結果我錯了...不該碰了!! 一碰就上癮了..後來才看到原來是一群熱愛暗黑破壞神的超級玩家為了打造一款真正的暗黑破壞神3 (反而真正 暗黑破壞神的續作不像 暗黑破壞神3了 )

謝謝GGG團隊做出 流亡黯道 我來自台灣我愛你們~

最終希望...有一天 GGG的國際版 流亡黯道 也可以有內建繁體中文可以選用 (跪求!!
Happy Anniversary!

PoE is still an addictive game! Good work!!!
Thanks for the best game ever too. Wish you guys the most success. Happy anniversary!
3 years yet you still struggle to balance the game.

A bunch of skills that do not scale well making them useless at endgame, a host of crap unique’s no one uses, everyone and his mother using CI to do end game content, and shitty rng drops/crafting making loot only playthroughs an f'ing chore. Plus a trading system so half arsed everyone has to resort to third party websites if they want to find useful items.

You can start by sorting the skills that scale poorly, then sort out defences so all are as useful as ci, instead of nerfing the latest meta builds into obscurity.

I guess you do deserve a pat on the back for being able to push over priced micro transactions to so many of the community; bravo the marketing department.
Regards Hexcaliber
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congrats all
I want my slice of cake.
"You are thinking of the number 4..... At least now you are!"
Happy Anniversary !!
Thank you for this game and happy anniversary.

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