Our Three Year Release Anniversary

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A big thx to u at GGG for the awesome game u have made and for all the super cool stuff u guys keep bringing me and everybody else :)

I hope that there will be another PoE comic in the future as well as other cool stuff!

Gaia smile upon u all and keep up the good fight!
Congrats.. I've never put this many hours into any other game, so I guess you're doing something right... Keep doing it!
Thanks for a great game, with great support!

I don't think i have ever put this much money into a game without feeling disapointed afterwards when the outcome becomes clear, you deserve every penny because everything you do to the game appears to make it better, every time!

Apart from not releasing any Halloween MTX this year. ;)
Thks for all the things you do bring to us guys. I have spent a lot of money to support GGG and I think it is worth it. Thanks for being there with a free to play, not pay to win concept. 2900 hours done since 2013 Feb and it is just a start. Thanks again.
No regrets!

hoping to see the game keep growing and improving.
Happy Anniversary GGG,
all the fame and appreciation, support, community, etc. all is very well deserved, thanks to your hard work, good work. The community reflects it back :)

Since the first day my friends mentioned me this game, which was back in Closed Beta days, where everything was just forming merely, plans, talks, reviews about how things gonna be, what are the intends, etc. the era of famous Kiwi supporter packs... I remember back then, one of my first readings has been your ETHIC POLICY.
In those days back then, I had played games which had monthly payments, or were purchase only, or F2P(ay to win) and despite all that money flowing to those companies after shorter or longer time the games started to suck. It was just all about money, some brainwashed content updates, etc.
After I finished reading your plans, ethic policy... I was mindblown.
It was the first game I came across with such great looks, content, etc. that was a real F2P game, with zero payments boosting ones vs others and all that. What more it offered a new way of end game gameplay, "grinding", etc. changing the ways of gaming we knew from past...
For me it was also a time of great game titles which have been long awaited by players of old, but had been a huge disappointment when they finaly got revelead (/waves at World of Diablo III and Blizz...)

It was That day, at this very moment, when you have got me.
All my best wishes, good luck blessings, and everything one can imagine.

It was not just a thing of game, it was a way of saying No, a way to turn back to the so far known gaming policy so well preffered by many developers - pay or lose, play free but suck, or play free but have miserable support and unsure game future...

Reading all those lines under your Ethic Policy was like a dream that came true. An answer to question if there is really no other way of making a game, funding it, etc.?

All I was hoping for you was just to survive, to keep going on, to have the incredible support of players, of developement team, to go on and don't stop before it is done.

After 3 years...
You showed all, YES, yes it is possible!

Huge thanks for giving us such great game and dev team. ♥

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what about new skills ? any release date ?
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happy anniversary POE

POE for me has been a real life saver (and i mean REAL). you see i suffer with clinical depression and 3 years ago i was at an all time low but a friend introduced me to POE. i'd never played an ARPG before and so i gave it a try.

i loved it and 3 years later i still love it. you see some people hate the RNG based grind but for me it keeps me focused on something, gives me a goal to work towards and most importantly keeps my focus away from how i feel.

i guess what i'm trying to say is thank you GGG from the bottom of my heart for creating something that to me is more than a game.....its therapy. don't you dare stop, i need my fix :)

Happy anniversary, GGG!

You are awesome, and you should feel awesome.

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