Our Three Year Release Anniversary

Thank you GGG to bring us such a nice game :D
Happy Anniversary GGG!!

You all have created something very special!

I'll take "Swords" for two hundred Alex.
-Faux Sean Connery
Happy anniversary GGG! The best is yet to come!

Thanks for this great game !!

Immo_scion - Lv 100 solo - Playing in partys is too easy - solo for life :)
First paragraph is an example of over-success. I know money over everything so I'm not mad but I bet the game itself would be a lot better if you guys stayed small and in your own lane so to speak.

Again nobody can be anything but happy for your team, the real life people who put in all the work to make your team's dreams a reality, but the game has become a means towards that end and is no longer an end in itself.

Five expansions in three short years... I think you underestimate people's willingness to wait in exchange for quality.

Fuck sorry that sounds so negative clearly your success is all that matters in the real world, grats everyone.
happy anniversary, proud to be a supporter!
Big thank you for 3 years of true hack 'n' slash. 3GGG3
Happy Anniversary GGG! Looking forward for future releases and improvements! BTW while we're here, how bout some trade improvements?
Thank you for not banning all my disgusting character names.
The game is getting better and better, for sure, you are doing great!

Thank you guys :)

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