Our Three Year Release Anniversary

Happy anniversary and ty for the great game :)
And thank you Chris Wilson, for sowing the ground upon which such phenomenal creative and technological developments have occurred. All of you at GGG have created and then lovingly nurtured an incredibly inspiring game, filled with a remarkable and diverse community.

Playing a game has never been so fulfilling and gratifying. Here's to many more years ahead!
The adventure is not outside...it is within.
Well. Happy anniversary.

I know that a small gift... say 99exa for all players older than 2 years here, from you to us who make you lasting will be welcomed.

Congratulations again boss. My bag is open for your gifts.
It's been a pleasure - this game has been one of the highest hours / $ for me - It's been a pleasure being a supporter when I can.
Happy anniversary everyone!
Spent $5 for the beta. Makes me happy to say it wasn't a waste. (Yes, i have spent much more since then)
Thank you you guys, for an awesome game and a very very good experience.

I had much fun with this game, and will continue to do so for the forseeable future.
Great read Chris, i have loved this game since Closed beta keep it going :)
Great we made it this far, proud to be here since the Beginning (of CB) & still going strong! :)
Keep calm, play PoE, drink Tea & listen to Prog!

Exiled.eu ... deutsche PoE-Community mit News, TS3, Guides & vielen netten Leuten :)

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