Our Three Year Release Anniversary


COngratz and i hope could celebrate 5years or maybe 10years anniversay with ya.. and having to say

"Three years ago, on October 23, 2013, Path of Exile left Beta and was formally released. Since then, we've launched five expansions, fourteen challenge leagues and countless smaller updates. Path of Exile has been translated into Brazilian Portuguese, Thai, Russian, and both Traditional and Simplified Chinese."

where is those language?? i want chinese language please? it will really make the game looks cooler.. and as well more option for different legion player..(dont tell me its with the taiwan garena).

a little wish can make it available for international as well please?

Thank you once again
Wow, already 3 years. Congrats GGG!

Can't wait to see what the future holds for Path of Exile!
Thank you guys. I wish you all the best for the upcoming years!

To be completely honest, I would have never thought I could get so captivated by a game again. You've done an amazing job. I think PoE shows how good a game can be when the devs are above all fans, and *just* try to create the best possible product that will find its audience itself, not a product "for everybody"!

Keep up the good work!

(and remember - spectres need your QoLish love too! :)
logged in to this forum just to congratulate GGG for such astounding success.

3 years is a long time especially for an independent F2P game. i've played tons of F2P mmo's and seen many fade into obscurity.

POE is doing the exact opposite. no P2W nor subscription fees and yet churning out free content and expansions.

hope to see the game grow more!

ps: need more melee/ascendant buff
#justicefornessa #baitlifematters
Thank you GGG for the game i have had the most in in since playing D2 as a child, POE became my favorite game they day i first played it, you guys have all done an AMAZING job, i wish you all the best and continued success, thanks again for such an epic and amazing game and i am beyond excited for what you have in store for us going forward
Yes, thank you for the 3 years GGG. I would go as far to say this game has surpassed Diablo 2 in terms of how good the game is over the last year and it is all thanks to the hard working staff and the developer/player communication.
Happy Anniversary!
now will this be a buff to GGG?
Happy Anniversary You all deserve it You all have put an AWESOME together Thank You Enjoy your party !!! I would skip the cake an go for the hard liquor myself tho :)))
the part in what chris thank us made me drop a tear, remember ggg, you are making the best game in the history, our game :) you are claiming a crown, and claiming well that crown, congratulations

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