New Path of Exile Wallpapers!

Thank you for these lovely wallpapers :)
Why is there so much hate for scion? :(
Duelist is too hot. Pls nerf.
I bet that Duelist's sabre went through quite a few bodies in Wraeclast.

It's hard to cast a spell with a blade in your throat, eh Witch?
can we have ingame ascendancy class 3d character art (so u can know its juggernaut or something)
I wish they came without the logo, I mean I know what game I'm playing, it ruins the aesthetic for me.
Thx but...why the ranger is the only ugly one? :-(
I'd love to have it as wallpaper, not this one though...

Why is there so much hate for scion? :(

Here we go again, the return of the ranger with no bow string.

"Metas rotate all the time, eventually the developers will buff melee"
PoE 2013-2018
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great Stuff
Keep calm, play PoE, drink Tea & listen to Prog! ... deutsche PoE-Community mit News, TS3, Guides & vielen netten Leuten :)
Good guy GGG, providing wallpapers compatible with dual screen.
Not even close.

I like Synthesis. Deal with it.
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