On the weekend of the 5th and 6th of November we're holding a three day racing event with a schedule of one-hour races every second hour. It's a one hour on, one hour off race weekend. There are also some prizes to be given out!

Regarding the absence of a formal race season, Chris explains:

We're currently working on the new 2.5.0 league (for December) and our largest-ever expansion, 3.0.0, which will be released next year. To hit these deadlines, we have decided not to put development resources towards new race technology yet. Despite Path of Exile's popularity increasing with each release, our race season attendance has been getting worse season after season. We are confident that improvements like asynchronous racing will solve this, but the time is not now. I am very sorry to the racing community. I understand that a weekend of races isn't a perfect replacement for an entire ranked season with new prizes, but hopefully it's enjoyable and enough to scratch the racing itch for many players. I'm also sorry about not communicating this earlier, but we only made the call recently (with much internal debate) and wanted to make sure we had some events planned as a replacement.

The race weekend starts at Nov 04, 2016 11:00 AM (EDT) (This is displayed in your local time). The first race will start at this time and run for one hour. Once it ends, there will be an hour break and another race will start and run for one hour. It will continue like this for the weekend.

Check out the schedule below for more information! Click here to view the schedule in your local time zone.


By reaching level 10 in any race you will be awarded a Carnage Mystery Box! This applies only once per account. Multiple level 10 characters will not grant multiple mystery boxes.

The top of each class in each race will be awarded a Demigod's Dominance Body Armour.

10 out of the top 50 players of each race will receive a specific armour set. 30 out of the top 300 players of each race will receive a set of footprints. These winners will be selected through a random draw. This excludes cutthroat races where no microtransactions will be awarded.

The prizes will be awarded after the weekend of races has concluded. We'll be issuing these manually during the work-day. If you're interested in racing but you're not sure how to get started, check out our Racing Guide here and information about race types here. As per usual, if you're unable to participate in the races, be sure to check out the action live on Twitch. Best of luck everybody!
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Kshatry wrote:
10 out of the top 50 players of each race will receive a specific armour set. 30 out of the top 300

This X out of Y, means "X random out of top Y" or smth else?

Yes, it's random. Being in the top 50 of a race gives you a chance to be one of the 10 winners of an armour set.
Char1983 wrote:
... meaning that you can be 1st and not get anything? Interesting. Not that I would have any chance of getting first, or have time for playing that weekend...

The first in each class in each race receives a Demigod's Dominance.
r00teniy wrote:
Do we have to keep our characters till the end of weekend to get prizes or we can delete them?

You can delete them and still be eligible for prizes.
maruder93 wrote:
Okay so... This is totally new to me, is there any explaination what every race is about exactly? Because perhaps"HeadHunter" Says... pretty much nothing to me right now.. :(

This thread has some information that might help.
Archwizard wrote:

The prizes will be awarded after the weekend of races has concluded. We'll be issuing these manually during the work-day.


Beat me to it =)

One thing to be aware of is for races with a specific object e.g. killing a specific boss, you will only show on the ladder if you achieved the objective.
mozom wrote:
So we can delete all those race characters safely then.

Yes, you can delete your race characters. We will be generating the prizes from the race ladders.

mozom wrote:
It's one box for the whole event or one box per race?

One box for the whole event.
So if I reached level 10 in a race with a boss kill goal but didn't kill the boss I'm not eligible for a carnage box?

That's correct - however as mentioned previously the carnage box is being awarded for participating in the weekend event as a whole, rather than per race, so as long as you place on another race ladder you will still receive a carnage box at the end of the weekend.

EDIT: The above is no longer true. We changed the way mystery boxes were awarded, so you would still be eligible even if you didn't show up on the ladder.

Shinna1989 wrote:
What happens to the Characters Inventory? Does it get transfered to Standard or is it just lost and i should delete the Character...

That depends on the race type - some races go to the Void league, in which case the items (and character) are lost and your only option is to delete the character. Other races go to Standard in which case the character can be played in Standard and any items in their stash will show up in remove-only tabs in your Standard stash.

The specific event thread in https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-forum/leagues-and-race-events should say whether characters will be sent to the Void e.g. "Descent events are voided".
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liquidSG wrote:
If the prizes are given away after the weekend, when can I delete the characters after each race? I dont have 200 slots.

As per one of the earlier messages form Bex in this thread,

Bex_GGG wrote:
You can delete them and still be eligible for prizes.
Please contact support@grindinggear.com if you need any assistance.

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