This week's episode of Build of the Week features maddognils' Assassin that uses two Cospri's Malices to carve his way through enemies with a tempest of cold skills.

For more information about this build, check out maddognils' full guide here. If you'd like to submit your own build for an upcoming episode, just post a build guide in the class forums!
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maddognils wrote:
kiasyd1987 wrote:
This tree could be better if he drop the 5 6% ES nodes near the "Foresight" nodes and then he can go for "Unnatural Calm"

30% ES vs 20 intel 30% ES 15% ES Recharge Rate & +1 Max lightning res

im sure i can find better option but just this one is far better

fyi I didn't even take those. They probably did this on a lvl 100 character or something.
This is the skill tree

[Skill Tree]

This is correct, our version of your character will be slightly different. When we prepare a character for Build of the Week, sometimes we can copy the exact character. However if gear has been sold or the tree has been changed since the character was built, then we have to build the character from scratch based on the guide. We try to be accurate as possible but sometimes we miss a few things, sorry for any confusion!

Contact us at if you need any help!

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