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Build of the Week S06E07: The Freezerator by maddognils

This build cost way more then just use two Snakepit and the spell Forstbolt on a very powerfull mage type build. In fact the only good thing here is two spell that do less damage then one very good spell!
Xenombra wrote:
This build cost way more then just use two Snakepit and the spell Forstbolt on a very powerfull mage type build. In fact the only good thing here is two spell that do less damage then one very good spell!

Cost of 2xswords is around 10exalts (and these two items are must).
OP wrote in his thread "This build mainly focuses on clear speed, you may struggle against t16+ bosses & shaper."
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feelgod wrote:
'helping to stack higher shield pool for those bigger hits' part made MY FUCKING DAY.. ggg making these videos and i guess they are capable of understand gap between ci and hp is huge or maybe not, pls dont fucking tell me its all about essences.. i started to lose all my hope about this company day by day..
vinktars skyforths cospris will , melee range balance, shiny imbalanced asc classes, new and shiny op flasks coming out from nowhere every patch..

'we nerfed coc' but guess what guys, we give u a new fucking sword that you can reach %95 crit on assassin and its way better than old coc builds, we even put flat cold on it too..

i still enjoy playing this game but when i think about current state of poe, all i feel is sadness and feel of losing hope on balance in game...

w/e cool coc build, very creative.. sorry for dick post

here we go, a level 90 Softcore player crying about everything.
If GGG make good items, you say its unbalanced
if they nerf everything and there is no skill to play, you say the game is broken
fuck off plz!

Oh my fucking God dude, when you guys will stop to cry about EVERYTHING and just play this fucking game?!

"Oh this sword costs 150c i cant pay for it" -> so what? who cares? Me and others can pay for it!
"Oh this is too strong" -> No its not, it's part of the game! a lot of good items like vinktars are NEEDED on high tier maps and the game is pretty well balanced around this items!!
"Oh this is too expansive" -> Go make currency / farm / trade and buy your shits! That's all a RPG game like PoE is all about! If you don't have 2h+/day to farm go play counter strike, you're on the wrong game!!!!!!!!!!!

It's not GGG fault you can't buy good items bro, Shavrones, Kaom's heart, Lightning coil, Cospril's, good items is here to stay and if you can't afford it it's totally YOUR PROBLEM. Go farm or go counter strike. And stop cry! Simple.

Also, if you want some balance, why don't you go HC? SC is overpowered by itself! How do you expect to have any balance/challange on PoE if you can die any time you want? you can't reach level 100 on a Softcore league but you CLAIMS the game is unbalanced..... HUMMMMM?! What?! Really?! Are you serious?! =D


Man, I can't believe how fu**** st*#@! some people are here.


Topic: The build looks fun. However, isn't HC viable because with this setup its easy to die to reflect. Maybe changing somethings.... not sure if it would work ( just warning for who play HC ).

And: Atleast someone is using Reave... a shame melee skills didn't get buffed as we all expected.

Buff is the word GGG... Buff everything and let we players play anything we want! Do not listen to toxic players that don't play this game and just ocme here to say everything should be removed/nerfed. They want you to remove all good items of the game, remove all good skills of the game, lose 90% of players, close the servers, close the company and say the game is dead, so they'll be happy. Just ignore.

Anddd: I love your voice Bex. <3
Ruining Path of Exile balance since 2014
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holy crap a build that actually uses the additional accuracy support gem.
recommending switching to cyclone for bosses kinda defeats the purpose of using lacerate so you dont have to get close to your targets tho :/
Also rip prenerf CoC builds, never forget.
I don't like the Lab, but I put up with it because I need ascendancy points -_-

Delve / Incursion / Delirium best leagues.
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nerf to CoCS ((finally, it ruined the design space and sanity for too many years)
release CoCS 2.0 sword

act surprised when it is broken-strong again..

next BoTW: BV Pathfinder, isnt it?
This makes up for that Essence Drain build video. This is pretty cool, kinda makes me want to try it. At least it would if it didn't cost like 15+ exalts to get rolling. No matter how much I play this game I am forever a dirt farmer.
I hope that when the world comes to an end I can breathe a sigh of relief; because there will be so much to look forward to.
Very nice video, build is very simple and pretty.
nice build and nice video. ty <3
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ING: Marxone
Ty for scam <3
yea nice build to bad nefert is comming in 2.5 like usual and is so laggy build nobody accept this build in a party so ggg get lost with ur build of the week change name in build of the weak!

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