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Build of the Week S06E07: The Freezerator by maddognils

Nice build.

I'm happy that i bought Cospri's Malice 2 days ago for 4.5ex ---> now cheapest is like 15 ex.... (on standard)

GL guys :)
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Nice video, thanks for an interesting content!

BTW, where are these builds placed to view them and vote? I tried to search but found only BotW episodes.
Interesting build!!!!???? Herm no.... Buy two of the most expensive Uniques in the game, get a random enchant on your helmet and gloves....Where is the interesting mechanic?.....
no Herald of Ice = crap
Path of Exile - RNG based hoarding simulator
Interesting build. Cospri's Malice is what Nuro's Harp should've been.
Is it coincidence that the only chosen builds as BotW are with lots of MTX?

And this one has so little creativity on it. He just used the sword as it is meant to be used.

Even the explanation of the build has so little to say, that video have to find other things to say like take this hybrid life/es node and use energy from within to get more energy, common, everyone knows that.

Dont want to be agressive, i loved the others botw, but not this one, didnt shined as a theorycrafter.
feelgod wrote:
'helping to stack higher shield pool for those bigger hits' part made MY FUCKING DAY.. ggg making these videos and i guess they are capable of understand gap between ci and hp is huge or maybe not, pls dont fucking tell me its all about essences.. i started to lose all my hope about this company day by day..
vinktars skyforths cospris will , melee range balance, shiny imbalanced asc classes, new and shiny op flasks coming out from nowhere every patch..

'we nerfed coc' but guess what guys, we give u a new fucking sword that you can reach %95 crit on assassin and its way better than old coc builds, we even put flat cold on it too..

i still enjoy playing this game but when i think about current state of poe, all i feel is sadness and feel of losing hope on balance in game...

w/e cool coc build, very creative.. sorry for dick post

here we go, a level 90 Softcore player crying about everything.
If GGG make good items, you say its unbalanced
if they nerf everything and there is no skill to play, you say the game is broken
fuck off plz!

Oh my fucking God dude, when you guys will stop to cry about EVERYTHING and just play this fucking game?!

"Oh this sword costs 150c i cant pay for it" -> so what? who cares? Me and others can pay for it!
"Oh this is too strong" -> No its not, it's part of the game! a lot of good items like vinktars are NEEDED on high tier maps and the game is pretty well balanced around this items!!
"Oh this is too expansive" -> Go make currency / farm / trade and buy your shits! That's all a RPG game like PoE is all about! If you don't have 2h+/day to farm go play counter strike, you're on the wrong game!!!!!!!!!!!

It's not GGG fault you can't buy good items bro, Shavrones, Kaom's heart, Lightning coil, Cospril's, good items is here to stay and if you can't afford it it's totally YOUR PROBLEM. Go farm or go counter strike. And stop cry! Simple.

Also, if you want some balance, why don't you go HC? SC is overpowered by itself! How do you expect to have any balance/challange on PoE if you can die any time you want? you can't reach level 100 on a Softcore league but you CLAIMS the game is unbalanced..... HUMMMMM?! What?! Really?! Are you serious?! =D


Man, I can't believe how fu**** st*#@! some people are here.


Topic: The build looks fun. However, isn't HC viable because with this setup its easy to die to reflect. Maybe changing somethings.... not sure if it would work ( just warning for who play HC ).

And: Atleast someone is using Reave... a shame melee skills didn't get buffed as we all expected.

Buff is the word GGG... Buff everything and let we players play anything we want! Do not listen to toxic players that don't play this game and just ocme here to say everything should be removed/nerfed. They want you to remove all good items of the game, remove all good skills of the game, lose 90% of players, close the servers, close the company and say the game is dead, so they'll be happy. Just ignore.

Anddd: I love your voice Bex. <3

you are prolly one of the most delusional and toxic player i have ever seen last days...

you say go play hc? LOL 'if u want balance go play hc' LMAO hc is balanced right?

are we talking about leauge of alt + f4 macro? skip t8 map boss with lvl 95 char? and even ggg letting log out macro*which actually performs 2 actions in 1 button faster than all human reflexes around universe* , i already died 10 times or more in esc due to crazy lag spikes and crashs near 1000 mobs with vp hp based char... i enjoy sc, i am not against hc by any means , let people play whatever they want and have fun.. playing hc doesnt make you better player. irrelevant!

one a side node, i can kill guardians less then 15 secs with my 198 chaos spent PURE MELEE no vinktars char.. and one of my other char is capable of afk farming guardians whenever i find maps... so i seriously dont need to spend +15 ex a build which is bullshit in my book w/e personal prefernce. i am capable of beating game with my own builds and budget chars, i can do same with 15 ex aswell.

ok lets continue 1 by 1 -> i have nuff currency to buy anything i want, including X5 cospris shit sword, i chanced skyforth and gave to my guildie *free*, i found cosprs will gave to my guildie *free*

-> i didnt say sword is strong, by all means its bullshit idea to balance coc and relaese this sword in game , pathetic move by ggg. just caring about COCk build lovers and spoon feeding them.

-> i am not crying about something i dont care if guy made shitty build with shitty sword, i CARE BALANCE in POE... i love this game, i want to play a fair game. balancing whole game is so hard i know it, but OBVIOUS things shouldnt pass. like last leauge ggg let bfall psn mines to rule the leauge, which is fucking disgusting.. you see soemthing is out of control, you fix it !right now, not later'. easy as it is.

VINKTARS PART MADE ME LAUGH : this game balanced around vinktars for end game ? dude dont make me laugh lmaoooooooooo. i am shitting on end game content without vinktars on HP MELEE EVA ACRO char, and i dont feel like abusing an item which has fucking %20 LEECH when other items or tre max gives %2... are u working for ggg balance team or someshit ? how u claim that end game designed around vinktars? well w/e you might be correct about it cuz ggg balance team is bullshit and makes me laugh day by day.. i doubt they even play their own games and making nuff tests for end game content..

LUL PART -> how satisfying for ggg balance team to watch their hardest end game content AFK FACETANKD 2 laser by just 1 flask ? i would cry so hard if i see this, i design a boss and pleb afk facetanking it with a flask, lol :D

i know people like you worship the power, wherever it comes from you dont fucking care, doesnt mean that other people will be like you.. we want to play a fair and balanced game, period.

i cant reach lvl 100 makes me bad player ? lmaaooo dude i have no idea what you smoking.. whole your post is legend of irrelevance.. everything is fucking irrelevant on your post its fucking hillarious.. when i can make 6 7 diff char per leauge and enjoy new skills and ideas, why would i spend my time to reach 100? i mean whats point of it? if i want , i can reach 100 btw but i dont feel like its needed lol.. lvl 92 94 is my max number to finish my working builds.. then i get bored and make new char.. its personal preference not incapable of reaching 100.. but i dont think you are capable of understanding this part..

!!! lol ofc you are playing pfinder bvortex on hc leauge man.. SIP you vinktars faster man sip it nice and deeply...

vinktarssssssssssssssss kiiiiiiiiiiiidsssssssssssss everywhere !! 'end game content balance around vinktars' LUL 2016 LUL
Kill CoC and now put in BotW, Nice NotLikeThis
If there's any chance for me to obtain 10+ Exalted Orbs during a single League, I'd propably test this build.

Interesting Build. But I believe there are cheaper ways to make a permafreeze Char ( using Whispering Ice for Example, not as much damage as melee crit, but cheap and stil fun to play).
I am a petty-fat-dumbass-Kid. So please listen to my unwanted oppinions!

Vote Tasuni for President!...I mean 'for Hideout'!
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@ two expensive, broken unique swords
@ no "clever use of game mechanics", simply usage of items as they were designed
@ CI
@ build of the week

comparing to this, even 1.0.1 Kripp's Burning Discharger is more creative and interesting

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