Build of the Week S06E07: The Freezerator by maddognils

i also use same lacerate /crospi from more than a week now and it's very fun have 95% attack crit and 75% spell crit whit blood magic passive and use arctic breath/freezing pulse and glacial cascade usually , just need to make it little better on boss i have to find a solution but in general is acceptable, plus ther' alot of litle changes viable just need fantasy...btw i dont think dual copri is better of a dagger offhand whit 150% crit spell and 50-60% spell damage but as i say this build is nice cause ther's alot of think to add/chance.
tiohatsu wrote:
wow ggg now only bulsheet builds coc and lag
no lag untill dischange for what i have see...
Xirgu wrote:
nice build but I thought the point was for doable builds for beginning /avg players.. they dont have 8 exalts to buy the swords..

It's okay, by the time they decided to stop their current build to get the starting gear for this build it will be nerfed.

At least that's how it's been in BotW in past leagues. Which is okay, but I always ponder why show such a cool/hard-hitting or unique mechanic generating build if you instantly nerf it once it's out there?

I stick with the rarely played so I'm in no fear of losing my build I've been burned by BotW hype before...

Off topic I whole-heartedly agree with your signature Xirgu and outlook on the Labyrinth.

Tedious, too tedious to do, I play characters now without ascendancy points to make sure my offense and defenses are legit to do maps without the points.

Because some leagues I burn out (interest wise) way before I get the patience to try Lab. (I still run the ascendancy trials if I come across them but don't do the Lab)

I know some people will say "there are guides/have someone run you through it" it's not that, my guildies are great for running me through it, it's even having to sit through it when I'd rather just be mapping or playing the game that kills the game for me, and my interest.

I'm never disinterested in theorycrafting, never disinterested in leveling, but good lord the thought of Lab for my ascendancy points just kills the "execution" of all of the above for me :-\
GG, GGG! I can finally be the flamethrowing psycho Marauder I've always dreamt to be! Wish they had a hockey mask MTX & a gore scorching ray skill gem MTX mmmm one can hope!
maddognils wrote:
kiasyd1987 wrote:
This tree could be better if he drop the 5 6% ES nodes near the "Foresight" nodes and then he can go for "Unnatural Calm"

30% ES vs 20 intel 30% ES 15% ES Recharge Rate & +1 Max lightning res

im sure i can find better option but just this one is far better

fyi I didn't even take those. They probably did this on a lvl 100 character or something.
This is the skill tree

[Skill Tree]

This is correct, our version of your character will be slightly different. When we prepare a character for Build of the Week, sometimes we can copy the exact character. However if gear has been sold or the tree has been changed since the character was built, then we have to build the character from scratch based on the guide. We try to be accurate as possible but sometimes we miss a few things, sorry for any confusion!

Contact us at if you need any help!
Just another Unique Driven Build, but its freezing hell. :-)
Yawn inducing BotW.

Using unique's to gain the legacy CoC effect is all this build achieves.

Not remotely remarkable, interesting or unique.


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I feel like BotW is more like "What can We Nerf Next" We all know how much they love dumping on cast on crit so inc can only have 1 Cospri equipped at a time.
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To get that kinda es without a shield... im using a single sword with shield and my char is probably 80+ exa on essence with less ES

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