Progress Update for 2.4.2


You'll still benefit from pre-loading the entire game even if it is installed to an SSD. How? Simple. There is virtually no latency involved in accessing the data if it is already in RAM.

yes, even ssd users will benefit from more caching but imho it will not be that much noticable. if preloading from a ssd already works for a player it's maybe a second which he can enter a new area earlier.
the advantage is not as substantial as whe switching to a ssd from a harddisk.

Also why do you doubt how much can be preloaded by a 64bit version of the game?

they need to leave ram for other programs and windows itself which buffers alof of dlls and stuff into memory in case it's needed.

just take the probably most common setup of 8GB RAM:

- win takes 2 GByte (with some safe space so it doeesn't use the page file)

- Firefox, Messenger, Chat Clients and stuff will take 2 GByte (just lookup firefox' memory consumption with some flash sessions in over 10 tabs, it can consume over 1 GByte alone)

- one GByte needs to be left for additional stuff the user may start (a second game instance for trading?).

you're left with 3 GByte for the poe client which is exactly the amount of ram the 32-bit client can already dynamically allocate on a 64-bit OS.
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nubmoj wrote:
Soon / sorry for delay - keywords in almost all official announcements . Yet the crowd goes yay.

Man... I can't wait for PoE to be DX11 x64.

Such direct, many bits.
Nice, nice.^^
I believe i will see "talisman" mod on Zana alcohol machine map device
So no more lag? please
Pushed back you say? That doesn't look pushed back..

I didn't expect Channeled Skills until around Nov 10th anyway. "A few weeks after 2.4.1," after all.

If anything it seems GGG is way ahead of schedule.

PS. I cannot wait to FINALLY be able to play in Parties again since Open Beta, and to not have 20 fps in my rainy Hideout!
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I mean, I love this game but...
I really cannot understand how everyone is hyped about an apology about a delay..
am also a bit skeptical how the " run around really fast killing things" meta combines weith the new " stand still holding button to channel" channeling skills.. but give them the benefit of the doubt. hope we can test them this league and see if they are worth creating a character around next league..
have finally gotten used to the lab... I dont hate it anymore.:)
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Are you planning to add support for Direct 12 in future?
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