[2.6] Hyaon's ST Raider

This build uses Hyaon's Fury, Queen of the Forest and eight frenzy charges to kill stuff and move fast. It's an ethical version of HoWA!

+ Not expensive
+ Awesome movement speed
+ Good clearspeed
+ Not as suicidal as you'd expect it to be
- Gem swap necessary for boss fights
- 24% increased damage taken

Path of Building

In case you can't be bothered to read everything in this thread, I have created an import link for Path of Building with all the items my character currently uses.



Spectral Throw - Greater Multiple Projectiles / Slower Projectiles - Weapon Elemental Damage - Lightning Penetration - Elemental Focus - Added Lightning Damage

Swap GMP for Slower Projectiles for boss fights. Added Lightning Damage increases the DPS far more than Faster Attacks.

Vaal Haste - Summon Ice Golem - Increased Duration - Vaal Grace / Vaal Lightning Trap

Use Vaal Lightning Trap if you don't have a Vinktar flask.

Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Ancestral Protector

You can use Whirling Blades or Leap Slam instead of Shield Charge. Choose whichever you like.

Blood Rage - Conductivity - Faster Casting

A self-cast curse in 2017. Pretty awesome, isn't it?

Immortal Call (9) - Cast When Damage Taken (7) - Increased Duration (20)

Keep Immortal Call on a low level. Lvl 7 CWDT triggers at 1000 HP, which felt like a good choice for me.

Wrath - Grace - Enlighten (3) - ?

You need at least a lvl 3 Enlighten to use Grace and Wrath. If you do not have one, you need to run Herald of Thunder instead of Wrath. If you have the Lab enchantment for Wrath, you could use Empower in the last socket slot. Otherwise it's a free socket, e.g. to level Slower Projectiles.

All gems used for your Spectral Throw attack benefit from Quality.
Quality on the Increased Duration gem in the Vaal Haste setup is also a good choice.

Additional Gems:
Level at least one Spectral Throw gems in your offhand, in case you brick your Spectral Throw with a Vaal Gem later. Level Enlighten in all other slots.


You need at least additional 64 Strength and 71 Intelligence. You do not need Accuracy on your gear.


Hyaon's Fury has all the lightning damage we want It's also dirtcheap so get a good one.


Queen of the Forest is a great armor for evasion-based characters. Together with Grace, this means we get a movement speed modifier of around +145%.


Any rare helmet will do.


Atziri's Step, because spell dodge is awesome.


Any rare gloves will do. Ideally you want some additional attack speed and added lightning damage.


Any rare shield will do. It might be hard to get a good evasion-based shield, since people do not seem to sell them that often.


I use Perseverance for Onslaught. Combining this belt with Shield Charge and Fortify ensures that Onslaught is always active during boss fights.


Get rare jewellery with "increased elemental damage with weapons". Otherwise you probably need Str/Int, life and elemental resists.


Jewel stats you should look out for:
- increased maximum life
- increased lightning damage
- increased damage
- increased projectile damage
- increased attack speed
- increased attack speed with swords
- increased attack speed while holding a shield

Lab enchants

- x of Thunder (or any other enchant you want...)
There a several good options you can choose from:
- Adds lightning damage if you haven't killed recently(for boss fights)
- damage penetrates elemental resistances if you haven't killed recently
- damage leeched as life and mana if you have killed recently
- dodge spell damage if you have taken spell damage recently
- increased Spectral Throw damage
- reduced Wrath Mana Reservation (together with Empower + Enlighten, see skill section)


The following affixes are needed:
- of Staunching (bleed removal)
- of Heat (freeze removal)
- of Grounding (immune to shock)

You need at least one life flask...
An Evasion flask is needed as well, because more evasion means more movement speed (and defense). I prefer Stibnite for the blinding effect and longer duration. However, a Jade flask gives higher evasion overall.
The Wise Oak is an awesome flask. +20% lightning penetration!
Vessel of Vinktar is needed for shocking against bosses, otherwise you need to swap Vaal Grace for Vaal Lightning Trap. Use Atziri's Promise if you can't afford a Vinktar.
As lask flask i prefer to use a Quicksilver. It improves the travel speed with shield dash and allows for some decent movement speed if you get stuck with Shield Charge.

Other awesome (and far more expensive) flasks:
- Dying Sun: adds two additional projectiles. Great for faster clear speed, use it instead of a Quicksilver flask.

Passive Tree


Raider gives frenzy charges and attack speed, everything Hayon's Fury needs.

- Way of the Poacher -> Avatar of the Slaughter -> Rapid Assault -> Avatar of the Chase

You can choose the path "Avatar of the Veil" instead of "Avatar of the Chase". It's less damage for higher survival chance. Your choice.

Oak - Kraityn - Kraityn
40 life - 8% attack speed - +1 Frenzy charge

FAQ Section:

How to level

It's really easy and fast to level with Spectral Throw!
Use the unique items listed below to facilitate your leveling progress.

Lvl 1:
Tabula Rasa
Ondar's Clasp
The Blood Thorn

Use Goldrim and Tabula Rasa until lvl 70. There are no better items for these slots. Wanderlust is great until you find some rare boots with good movement speed. You can use Ondar's Clasp until the mid of act 3. You can buy Spectral Throw from Nessa if you've finished the "Enemy at the Gates" quest.

Lvl 5:
Karui Ward
The best amulet until you respec at around lvl 70. Highly recommended.

Lvl 10:
The Princess
Get awesome attack speed by dual-wielding The Princess swords.
Skill Tree

Lvl 22:
Fidelitas' Spike
Switch to Fidelitas at around lvl 22. The shock effect is pretty awesome, if you do not use an Elemental Focus gem. Use Herald of Thunder and Herald of Ash as damage boost. Keep Herald of Thunder until you can use Wrath.

Lvl 26:
Ewar's Mirage
Maligaro's Virtuosity
Fertile Mind
Use at least one Ewar's Mirage as offhand weapon. You do not need Greater Multiple Projectiles until you switch to Hayon's Fury. Maligaros is probably a decent choice since the attack speed bonus from Ondars Clasp wont be active anymore for the most time. Use a Fertile Mind jewel, if you have one, otherwise put points into the +30 Str/Int nodes.
Skill Tree

~Lvl 30:
Finish the quest in the Library and buy all the gems you need. (Aside from Enlighten.)

Lvl 43:
Daresso's Passion
Equip one Daresso's Passion in your main hand slot.
Skill Tree

~Lvl 55:
Any rare one-handed weapon with good flat elemental damage for your main hand slot.
Skill Tree

~Lvl 67-70:
Swap to Hyaon's Fury and Queen of the Forest.

~Lvl 78:
Equip Perseverance.
Skill Tree

Lvl 80+:
Respec to the final tree. (see Passive Tree section)

How to play

Pretty straight forward, attack with Spectral Throw.

- Use weapon swap (x) to stop Blood Rage, which is essential for maps with vulnerability.
- Ancestral Protector and Conductivity are only needed for rare monsters or boss fights.
- Keep up Fortify and therefore Onslaught during boss fights by using Shield Charge. It improves damage quite alot and prevents oneshots...sometimes.

Help! Too many skills.

Put your Ice Golem on leftclick.
It will only be cast if you shift + leftclick. Otherwise it works like move only. Put all other skills wherevever you want.
You still need to swap skills to activate auras.
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Updated the build for 2.6.
I reached lvl 90 recently and did everything up to tier 15 maps so far.
Can keep up with a HoWA build pretty good so far (obviously does not scale as well as HoWA in endgame).
I was building a ST starter build for new league, and this is quite that was in my mind. I will appreciate so far if you could post some videos from guardians/shaper/uber stuff.

Anyway thanks for sharing da build :)
Edit: with last patch notes Hyaon's got a pretty good buff.

It means that increased damage taken will be 7% instead of 24%, because Kraityn does not grants a frenzy charge anymore (so 7 frenzys in total)

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