Feeling gloomy that Halloween falls on a Monday this year? (Thanks, 2016!) Now you can deck yourself out entirely in black to get in the Halloween spirit regardless of what day it is. This weekend we're having a three-day sale on the Gloom Armour Set and Gloom Wings microtransactions! It's also the last weekend to get a free Carnage Mystery Box when you spend points in the store! Check out these ensembles below.

To find out more about how to get your free Carnage Mystery Box, check out our news post from last week. Check out the trailer below!

If you're looking to get some more points, we recommend checking out the Atlas of Worlds Supporter Packs. Thank you for the support! We hope you have an excellent weekend.
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nice ;)
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125% of 290 = 362,5
75% of 360 = 270

TerryWoT wrote:
125% of 290 = 362,5
75% of 360 = 270


I don't understand this post.
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seriously ggg

shit is to expensive for the average player.

You'd probably make more profit overall if you dropped all the prices somewhat.
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Still more expensive than a copy of Rocket League
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Guess no witch hat this year :(
Could we get a discount on the gloom items separately as well? And not only on the whole set? For those who got parts of the set already from mystery boxes...

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