Gloom Armour and Wings on Sale Now!

A broom as a staff mtx could be fun.
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whale fishing :P

dehumanizing bastards get F'd
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the good Ol' Days

I want those :-(
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GGG, love the gloom set, but hate the big back-pack like component of the gloom wings. Could you please remove that "backpack" all together? The wings by themselves would be so, so, so much better!
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neonive wrote:
Theres only so many things to be done.

Witch hat, done
Severed Head, done
Severed Hand, done
Pumpkin Head, done

There's always room for more ideas, especially for Halloween when the theme fits the overall dark tone of PoE so well! Take these for example:

-Swarm of bats pet (would go nicely with the vampiric armour set, weapon effect and footprint effect)
-Half-corpse back attachment (upper half of rotted corpse. arms flop (maybe even missing one), head sways side to side, loose entrails dangle. leaves trail of blood like a blood worm pet as you move)
-Hood of Nightmares (Replaces the appearance of a piece of headgear with a hooded cowl. No face, no skull, just blackness where the head should be seen. Every few seconds bizarre, fleshy appendages creep out like the alien grass in the Belly of the Beast)

Whether these could be done or not, I don't know, but there are certainly a plethora of other ideas out there besides what is already in-game.

Some decaying like armor to look like a corpse might fit into the gore and more gore styling strategy.

And some Anubis like (SG-1) look and feel might be also very tempting.
I find the current head designs very lacking. Deamon King horns are probably best, but they don't fit to all armor sets.
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Ty for scam <3

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