When we launched the Atlas of Worlds expansion we also introduced a new Watchlist system to the microtransaction store. It's now possible to save a microtransaction to your Watchlist so that you are notified via email when that item is put on sale. We've assembled some statistics of the microtransactions that players are saving to their Watchlists.

In addition to making it less likely for players to miss out on the Daily Deals they're after, we're also able to use the Watchlist as a way to check which items are most desired for a sale and factor this into our Daily Deal planning.

You can remove microtransactions from your list at any time. If you purchase the item before it goes on sale you won't be notified at the next sale. If there's something you're interested in purchasing as a Daily Deal, we recommend adding it to your Watchlist!

For your interest, here are some of the most desired Daily Deal items. It's interesting to note that many of them are microtransactions that have only recently been added to the store.

Top 15 Most Watched Microtransactions

  • Currency Tab
  • Premium Stash Tab Bundle
  • Stash Tab Bundle
  • Gloom Wings Back Attachment
  • Upgrade To Premium Stash Tab
  • Shaper Portal Skin
  • Gloom Herald Effect
  • Black Hole Vortex Skill Effect
  • Premium Stash Tab
  • Discipline Forcefield Effect
  • Demonic Blade Vortex Skill Effect
  • Stash Tab
  • Dragon Armour Pack
  • Infernal Armour Pack

Top By Microtransaction Type (Excludes those in the top 15)

  • Footprints: Ghostflame Footprints
  • Armour Sets: Demon King Armour Pack
  • Skill Effects: Tentacle Caustic Arrow
  • Helmet Effects/Skins: Demon King Horns
  • Weapon Effects/Skins: Infernal Weapon
  • Pets: Inua Totem Pet
  • Shield Skins: Yaksha Shield
  • Portal Skins: Demon King Portal
  • Hideouts: Hideout Falling Leaves

Top 15 Skill Effects

  • Gloom Herald Effect
  • Black Hole Vortex
  • Discipline Forcefield Effect
  • Demonic Blade Vortex
  • Tentacle Caustic Arrow
  • Flare Discharge
  • Soul Nexus Clarity Effect
  • Black Hole Frostbolt
  • Arcane Skill Effect Pack
  • Ghostflame Herald of Ash
  • Divine Righteous Fire
  • Golden Bladefall
  • Demonic Flameblast
  • Ebony Blast Rain
  • Demonic Split Arrow
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Grinding Gear Games
Serleth wrote:
Dandanvapor wrote:
What is Ethereal Poison Arrow? seeing as we don't even have Poison arrow in the game anymore.


Are you viewing a page translation?

Because it's Tentacle Caustic Arrow.

I fixed it :)

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