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cuss wrote:
Next step is to share Events by Google Calendar, so that my Windows 10 box keeps me informed 24/7.


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Runic blade plz.
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Is there gonna be a some kind of mtx sale for this year's black friday
Phase 1: MTX sale notifications in 2016. Complete.
Phase 2: MTX sale auto-buy with points in 2017. Pending.
Phase 3: MTX sale auto-buy from your saved payment source in late 2017.

And in-game trading? Still running with 2004 technology.
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easily the worst addition to the game since a long time: it's a statement for never buying stuff full price.

reminds me on these "sales events" in warehouses where they just make the original prices the sales price and just put some higher but striked out price on top of it to pretend it's cheaper.

name me one reason to ever spend the full amount of points on some mtx?
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how about u make it so we can actually organize our own microtransactions...instead of it randomly doing w/e it wants...that shoulda been done in closes beta btw
when MICROtransactions ain't micro anymore
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pls do some kind of easy management of currently bought microtransaction
its really anoying to know that I have already bought this one, but now I have to find out which of my old (not played anymore) characters is "using" it...
Want it all, but my current situation doesn't allow me spending this kind of money on a game. #sadface
$$mega-micro$$ transactions hype!

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