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Tornadoshot and Arc mtx...when?
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So...this is one of the trade improvements you promised us?
cuss wrote:
Next step is to share Events by Google Calendar, so that my Windows 10 box keeps me informed 24/7.

U made my day :D
Jerle wrote:
I wish there is a way to auto populate all mtx which I currently don't own in the watchlist.

Super support this! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))♡
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reclaim all MTX button
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MTX Recall All Button, MTX Sorting Button or drop-down list similar to tab list on right in normal stash, and a stack similar items similar to the currency tab.

All the tools are there, you just need to do the work GGG. Just use the other main stash as a template, no trade though, so market doesn't explode. Supporters should be the highest priority to keep happy, because what happens if they are not happy? They don't support as much. Simple truths.

Re-work the MTX stash soon please. New content is good and all, but you do need to fix/update what's there already as well.
Where's the Halloween MTX?
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The only reason I'm continuing to play PoE is so that I can buy every single mtx. This will really help my enjoyment of the game. Thanks, GGG.
Bex_GGG wrote:
For your interest, here are some of the most desired Daily Deal items.

Thanks for sharing! It's always really cool when companies share information like this. It's interesting going through the list and seeing some surprising things (Inua Totem Pet) and some... less surprising things (Demonic Blade Vortex Skill Effect).

Bex_GGG wrote:
Black Hole Vortex Skill Effect

Was really happy when I got this... less happy when trying to use it.

My current build features two totems spamming it, linked to Increased Area of Effect. It looks awesome but nothing else does - because you're not able to see anything else.

Oh well, c'est la vie.
vio wrote:
easily the worst addition to the game since a long time: it's a statement for never buying stuff full price.

reminds me on these "sales events" in warehouses where they just make the original prices the sales price and just put some higher but striked out price on top of it to pretend it's cheaper.

name me one reason to ever spend the full amount of points on some mtx?

I pretty much never buy mtx at full price (I think the last one I did was Ivory Weapon Effect a couple years ago). I can wait for things to hit the daily deal or some other event sale.

This watchlist stuff really doesn't change anything in that regard.
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